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Venture to the East Indies on the Aqua Blu

A first-hand encounter exploring the islands of Raja Ampat.

Living vicariously through the eyes of others is traditionally not a motto best lived; however, when that somebody has recently returned from the East Indian Archipelago on a luxurious yacht called the Aqua Blu, then I’ll be the first to line up with sunglasses. Just back from an itinerary that included this region’s most coveted destinations, our VIP client Jody shared with us her experience with Aqua Expeditions, sailing on the 7-night itinerary Raja Ampat cruise.

“The Indonesia trip easily ranks in the all-time top 3.  We had fabulous weather everywhere (except for how hot and steamy it was, but virtually no rain).  All the arrangements ran like clockwork.  The guides were superb!  Very different people, but the level of expertise, kindness, thought, and flexibility that they showed was out of the park.  I suspect the local vendor gave us all the people from the top of their A lists.  and everyone we dealt with--boat crews, hotel staff, even the counter people at the airports--seemed dedicated to making sure we had the best possible experience.  Everything felt personal, so that we felt connected to the guides and through them to the place. 

The Raja Ampat cruise exceeded expectations by a lot, and we had high expectations.  The crew was perfect, the food was fantastic, the other guests were really nice and interesting people, and the boat is set up to encourage and foster interactions, but not to force them on anyone.  The snorkel sites were very well chosen and all quite different one from the others, and the coral and snorkeling would be our best ever except for one extraordinary day in Belize on a sailboat in the cays.  Crew was supportive, helpful with spotting, not intrusive.  The emphasis on safety was clear but not annoying.  Food sensitivities and preferences were handled tactfully, and the substitutes didn't feel or taste like substitutes.  I think we'll be in touch with you maybe next year about their Spice Islands itinerary.”  

In just 13 years, Aqua Expeditions, born from the daring dream of Francesco Galli Zugaro, has redefined the essence of exploration. Embarking on intimate, small ship expeditions to the farthest reaches of our planet, Aqua Expeditions is not just a journey, but for an avid cruiser like Jody, the Aqua Blu answered a call to seek the extraordinary. With its modest capacity of just 15 cabins hosting 30 passengers, private groups may find this ship to be the ideal haven for imaging their own marine sanctuary. We love that she sails within one of the most biodiverse marine environments in the world. It’s paradise for divers and snorkelers alike, with a possibility to spot up to a quarter of all known species of fish. With all equipment readily available on board, you are moments away from plunging into the mesmerizing shallows of island corals or exploring the mysteries of the deep blue.

We understand that the Aqua Blu appeals to discerning tastes. Should you wish to embark on this exquisite journey, you can anticipate an experience marked by personalized service, with a nearly one-to-one passenger-to-crew ratio.  Now, more than ever, access is the new measure of luxury. For those ignited by wanderlust and intrigued by the allure of the Aqua Blu and the fleet of Aqua Expeditions, we invite you to reach out to us for more information.