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While we have access to hundreds of trips exploring the far reaches of the world, we invite you to scroll through a few of our favorite itineraries. Get in touch to learn more about these trips, or the many other adventures available.
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About Antarctica

Antarctica heightens all your senses. Wake to sculpted icebergs in every luminescent hue of ivory, blue, green, and silver floating past your cabin window. Chart your route south and chat with the captain as black-browed albatrosses escort you at eye level. On Zodiac cruises, see your exhilaration mirrored on the faces of your new lifelong friends as you come upon a lazing leopard seal who snorts and stares nonchalantly back at you. Sync your breath with a humpback whale gliding past your kayak. Visit penguin rookeries to spot newly-hatched gentoo chicks, just learning to waddle, chase a parent for a meal. Time travel with legendary explorers Shackleton, Scott, and Amundsen, but in significantly more comfortable berths. Hear the gunshot-crack of a calving glacier. Lift your face to the Southern Ocean’s summer sun until late in the evening, when it barely dips below the horizon. Antarctica doesn’t call to everyone; so when she whispers to you, listen.

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

This is the classic National Geographic voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula. Over 14 days, experience the majestic landscapes of ice, visit penguin rookeries, Zodiac around tabular icebergs, and meet abundant marine and bird life. You’ll travel in a state-of-the-art icebreaker with biologists, undersea specialists, and professional photographers to help you get the most out of your voyage.

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Antarctica Bridge: Fly & Cruise

Did you know you can fly to Antarctica? Skip the Drake Passage to maximize your time cruising the Antarctica Peninsula from the comfort of Silversea's newest ship, the Silver Endeavor. You can choose a sailing voyage from five to nine days with Silversea. This is the stylish—and modern—way to immerse yourself in all the polar wonders waiting for you at the southern edge of the world.

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Epic Antarctica: Crossing the Circle via Falklands and South Georgia

We don’t throw the word “epic” around lightly. On this 23-day voyage you’ll begin with the highlights of the Antarctica Peninsula, then sail on to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia (where the scale of wildlife will absolutely blow you away). You’ll finish by crossing the Antarctic Circle, which few explorers have ever done. Your ship the Ultramarine is beautifully-equipped and features two helicopters to give you opportunities for airborne perspectives over the ice.

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