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While we have access to hundreds of trips exploring the far reaches of the world, we invite you to scroll through a few of our favorite itineraries. Get in touch to learn more about these trips, or the many other adventures available.
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About Amazon

The only way to enter the Amazon is by water. Float down this legendary river, gazing up at the lush canopy teeming with wildlife. Watch monkeys swing through branches and spot thousands of colorful birds like mot-mots, weaverbirds, and scarlet macaws. Swim with pink river dolphins. You might spy sloths up in the trees or in the water swimming across a tributary. Explore the shallows in flat-bottomed skiffs and venture into the flooded forest where nature flourishes. Fish for piranhas – and then fry them up. Enjoy tropical fruits you’ve never before seen or tasted. Hear frogs calling from inside giant water lilies. Listen to the myriad sounds of the jungle tune up as dusk settles in and nocturnal wildlife wakes up. Visit welcoming locals to get an authentic perspective on traditional village life. Make new friends with butterflies. Allow the jungle to work its magic on you. Feel the exhilaration of seeing places few people will ever experience. Long a source of wonder and mystery, the Amazon has secrets yet to be discovered. What will you find in this extraordinary place?

Amazon Expedition Cruise

Go five-star all the way in one of 16 spacious staterooms on the beautifully designed eco-vessel the Aria Amazon. Choose from 3-night, 5-night, or 7-night voyages. Embark from Iquitos, Peru and immerse yourself in the indescribable beauty of the Peruvian Amazon. Explore the river with knowledgeable guides in a kayak or small motorboat. You can also bike ride along the shore to get another perspective on this river basin and the communities it sustains.

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Upper Amazon Adventure

Join National Geographic for 10 extraordinary days on the mighty Amazon river, where your home base will be the elegant and well-appointed Delfin II. By skiff or kayak, you can explore small tributaries and the Pacaya-Samaria Nature Reserve at the headwaters of the Amazon. Spot pink river dolphins, caimans, and monk saki monkeys. Watch nature’s show unfold all around you as you sail through the world’s largest rainforest.

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Amazon Delta & The Coast Of Brazil

Be among the first to savor a new era of ultra-luxury expedition travel. Seabourn expedition voyages combine exhilarating adventure in remote destinations with the ultra-luxury of Seabourn. On expedition voyages you can explore underwater worlds on two submarines, kayak in the shadow of nature and get a close-up view of wildlife while on a private tour with our expedition team.

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