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Unraveling the Majesty of Emperor Penguins with Quark Expeditions

A trip to Snow Hill has one goal in mind.

In the realm of wildlife encounters, while Africa boasts the famous 'Big Five', Antarctica holds its own crowned jewel: the majestic Emperor Penguin.

With nearly 70 colonies spread across Antarctica, most are inaccessible; however, if you still have dreams to see these magnificent birds in person, then Snow Hill is where to go.  For 20 years, one name has been synonymous with facilitating such dreams: Quark Expeditions. And in the same 20 years of helping guests reach their dreams of seeing the Emperor Penguin, we undoubtedly recommend polar specialists Quark Expeditions. Quark is the most experienced in the industry having landed more guests on Snow Hill since their first expedition to this rookery in 2004. Last year alone, Quark Expeditions took 208 guests to Snow Hill, and they are eager to do it again this season.

Quark Expeditions’ successful voyages can be attributed to their new vessel, the Ultramarine, which was built for this type of expedition. This vessel is equipped with 2 twin-engine helicopters that fly guests to the vicinity of this rarely visited rookery, whereupon they walk across the thick sea ice to stand within meters of the most coveted penguin species on the planet. Anticipate scenes reminiscent of “March of the Penguins” and the BBC’s “Frozen Planet.” You, too, can witness Snow Hill’s majestic moments alongside more than 4,000 pairs of breeding Emperor Penguins and their chicks while exploring the eastern peninsula of the magical 7th continent.

Classified as one of Antarctica’s most vulnerable species, Emperor Penguins require sea ice attached to solid land between April and January to breed. This makes them extremely vulnerable to rapid sea ice loss in the region. Witnessing this rare penguin takes a special cruise, and planning for this bucket-list trip is imperative. In 2025, Quark Expeditions has slated their traditional Snow Hill voyage from November 15th to the 28th, with the bonus of seasoned Expedition Leader Shane Evoy at the helm. With 19 successful Snow Hill landings under his belt, Shane boasts an unparalleled wealth of experience in polar exploration.

Since Quark operates year-round in only polar regions between Antarctica and the Arctic, their expedition staff receives comprehensive training from their own private training academy, which is mandatory during on-boarding new hires and continuing education for all expedition staff. With over 32 years of bringing passengers to remote polar regions, and an industry-leading guest-to-staff ratio, Quark knows how to safely handle the unexpected. These enthusiastic staff members bring diverse expertise in subjects as varied as polar history, marine biology, glaciology, ornithology, and photography. You’ll never tire of learning from them about wildlife and geological formations that are the bedrock of the 7th continent, and whose passion is to ensure this remains for centuries to come.

If embarking on a journey to Snow Hill ignites your sense of adventure, or maybe you need further information about why this voyage is different than other Antarctica trips, contact us at 877-412-8527 or email and we’ll be glad to help. We're here to turn your Antarctic dreams into reality.