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Uncharted Bonds: A Family’s Expedition in Alaska’s Wilderness

A summary of a letter we received from a Client Explorer.

Last year, something amazing happened. I got the chance to go on a trip with my girlfriend Robin’s family to Alaska's Inside Passage. We all hopped aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion, departing from Juneau to Sitka. That trip - a week of our lives - bonded us in a way only a shared adventure in the humbling wilderness of Alaska could.

Robin G., my girlfriend, summed it up perfectly, “Living across the country from my family ever since college has often meant having to choose between using my limited vacation time to travel to a new place I've always wanted to see, or getting to spend time with the people I care about back home. Our expedition to Alaska last summer was a perfect way to get to do both at the same time. And talk about unforgettable family photos!"

Different corners of the U.S. couldn't keep us apart. Robin and I converged with her parents, her brother, and their vibrant 7-year old niece in Juneau. From there, we embarked on a week-long journey of awe and discovery. We spent hours watching glaciers calve into the icy water, feeling the spray from sky-high waterfalls, spotting wildlife in their natural habitats, kayaking through fjords, and hiking bear trails. We had the time of our lives aboard the Zodiacs, exploring the untouched coastline. And, not to forget the food - every meal was a feast catering to all our tastes.

“I particularly enjoyed the Zodiac rides when our family was together. Special memories were made and will be reinforced with the many photos and videos that we continue to enjoy.” – ‘Mimi’ G.

Our encounters with the local wildlife were a photographer’s paradise - humpback whales, seals and their pups, bald eagles, sea lions, puffins, mountain goats, brown bears, owls, and many more. We clicked over 2,000 photos, and a year later, we're still sharing and talking about them. It was truly special for Miri, who loved spending quality time with her grandparents, 'Mimi' and 'PopPop'. She even learned to play a Native American flute, took a sea plane ride over the LeConte glacier with her Uncle 'D', and learned how to kayak and use binoculars like a pro.

That pretty much hits the nail on the head. This family expedition to a breathtaking destination like Alaska gave us not just adventures but unforgettable shared moments. And guess what? We found we travel so well together that we're doing it again, this time on the Sea Lion in Costa Rica and the Panama Canal. Who knows where next year will take us, but I can't wait to find out!