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Kimberley Expedition: Northwest Australia and Indonesia

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Trip Overview

Trip Length: 16 Days
Price Point: $14,577/person
Seasons Available: Summer

Discover dramatic landscapes etched with ancient human history in Australia’s Kimberley region, and sail to remote island villages of Indonesia where history comes alive in traditional ceremonies. Search for spectacular wildlife, from the giant saltwater crocodiles of the Kimberley to prehistoric Komodo dragons. Snorkel and dive among pristine coral gardens. Zodiac to the base of King George Falls and learn the history of the Moluccas, fought over among English, Portuguese, and Dutch colonizers.

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Activities & Sites

  • Experience both Gwion Gwion and Wandjina rock art dating from 4,000 to 12,000 years in age

  • Zodiacs land virtually anywhere and take us up close to the unique wildlife in this region—watch for crocodiles, migrating humpback whales, and endearing wallabies

  • Visit the remarkable Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to go in search of the legendary Komodo dragon

  • Snorkel and dive remote reefs with galaxies of colorful fish in Indonesia

  • Capture your best photographs alongside a Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Certified Photo Instructor

Day to Day Itinerary

  • Day 1

    Arrive in Perth and transfer to the InterContinental Perth Hotel (or similar) where you'll spend one night.
  • Day 2

    Fly to Broome, board National Geographic Orion in the afternoon, and take to the waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • Day 3

    Weather dependent, take the Zodiacs through the low lying Lacepede Islands off the coast of the Dampier Peninsula or explore Yampi Sound.
  • Day 4

    Zodiac to the Horizontal Waterfalls in the Buccaneer Archipelago.
  • Day 5

    Zodiac to Montgomery Reef
  • Day 6

    Zodiac through the mangroves of the Hunter River (and optional helicopter to Mitchell Falls).
  • Day 7

    Zodiac to Bigge Island
  • Day 8

    Tour an Aboriginal art gallery on Vansittart Bay / Jar Island.
  • Day 9

    Zodiac up the King George River with its almost vertical sheer canyon walls.
  • Day 10-11

    National Geographic Orion is required to make a quick technical stop in Darwin to clear the vessel and guests out of Australia before departing for Indonesia.
  • Day 12

    Arrive in Indonesia at the village of Kupang.
  • Day 13

    Arrive at Waingapu, Sumba Island with a delightful celebration with music, bright costumes, and traditional dance.
  • Day 14

    Explore Komodo National Park, home to the world’s largest living lizard—the Komodo dragon.
  • Day 15

    Visit the Satonda / Sumbawa, Lesser Sunda Islands
  • Day 16

    Arrive in Denpasar on the lush island of Bali. Following disembarkation get a taste of this paradise, where life and art are interwoven. After lunch, transfer to the airport for your flight home.

National Geographic Orion

National Geographic Orion is yacht-scale, yet rugged enough to venture far afield, making her a perfect addition to the Lindblad fleet, which she joined in 2013. Her size and nimbleness offer the perfect combination of safety and liberty to voyage untrammeled locations. In fact, Orion currently holds the distinction of having sailed further south than any other Lindblad vessel.

Orion is gracious and intimate, with a rewarding, almost clubby feeling. Of her many amenities and features, the most appealing is her outside deck space which beckons in the balmy reaches of the Pacific and offers a range of panoramic viewing options for up-close marine life encounters.

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