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Top 10 Expedition Stocking Stuffers to Gift Travelers

Our team's expertise in planning expedition travel extends beyond just trip suggestions and bookings.

We also focus on the detailed planning of what to pack as it's essential to choose gear that's compact, lightweight, and often collapsible – sometimes even soft or perishable. In this piece, we're excited to share our top picks for holiday stocking stuffers, perfect for friends and family heading off on an expedition cruise in the upcoming year:

  1. Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, & Ear Plugs: Total lifesavers for long flights. A neck pillow supports your head, an eye mask helps you maintain darkness, and ear plugs block out noise, ensuring a peaceful flight. It's like creating your own little zen zone in the sky.
  2. AirTags: An affordable and efficient way to track your luggage. An AirTag helps you know if your bags have reached the same destination as you.
  3. Passport Cover: This is an essential item to protect your passport from damage. It also serves as a quick identifier in your luggage and can hold other travel documents and IDs. Modern covers even come with built-in RFID technology for added security, and they add a personal style statement.
  4. Luggage Organizer Cubes: Many travelers find these cubes incredibly useful. They not only save space but also streamline the packing process, making your travel experience smoother and more organized. No more digging through your bag for that one thing.
  5. Dry Bag Backpack: Perfect for keeping your stuff dry when you're out hiking or kayaking. These bags are designed to stop water from getting inside, so they're great for protecting electronics, cameras, lenses, and other valuables from the elements. Super useful for any adventures around snow, water, or anywhere you might get wet.
  6. Phone Lanyard: On expedition cruises, keeping your phone secure and accessible is crucial. Whether you're zipping around in a kayak or just chilling on deck, you can keep your phone secure and dry without using your hands.
  7. Sunscreen: It's important to have travel-sized sunscreen for both face and body, especially when you're out on excursions, regardless of the region. It's one of those things you'll use up by the end of the trip.
  8. Power Banks: Don't get caught with a dead phone or tablet. Keep all your devices charged with a portable charger. When access to wall outlets is limited, a power bank can be a real game changer. Also, be sure to bring a travel adapter to ensure your electronics plug into different sockets too.
  9. Digital Luggage Scale: Avoid overweight baggage fees with a portable digital luggage scale. It's a practical tool that helps you stay within weight limits without the hassle of repacking at the airport.
  10. GoPro: Capture high-quality videos and audios of your adventures. A GoPro is easy to use and perfect for underwater shots, making it a great luxury gift for capturing those unforgettable moments. We also highly recommend having the GoPro Floaty accessory that keeps your camera afloat and adds protective padding. It's the kind of gift that keeps on giving long after the trip's over.

Each all these items are compact and perfect for squeezing into those tight spots in your luggage. Plus, they're super handy for any expedition cruise. There's a ton of brand reviews out there, so it's a good idea to do a bit of digging to find what best suits the needs of your specific destination, especially if you're looking for certain features.

You know how holiday gift shopping can be a challenge, especially for that friend or family member who seems to have everything? Well, picking out travel-specific gifts shows you've really thought about it. It's a nice personal touch. And who knows, maybe you'll tag along on their next adventure!