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Seabourn Crosses into the South Pacific

Expedition cruise into some of the world’s most secluded islands and atolls.

For most, a trip to the islands conjures up happy thoughts of turquoise water, warm sunshine, sunbathing on white sand, and a fruity cocktail in hand. But what if you take that scene of serenity a step further and add in time spent both in the water as well as on the water, with a blend of academia. For Seabourn’s newest expedition ship -- Pursuit, the expedition voyage is more than gazing, it’s immersive and educational. This is exactly the dream fulfilled by Seabourn in creating voyages that offer a blend of historical exploration and marine adventures across the Pacific, particularly in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and parts of Micronesia.

Commencing this month and continuing through October, Pursuit will set sail on grand voyages spanning from 15 to 52 days, traversing the historic atolls of the Pacific Theater. This new destination has an exotic allure among Scuba divers, and avid snorkelers seeking adventure among WWII wrecks, lagoons teeming with aquatic life, and Zodiac cruising next to volcanic peaks. With water temperatures consistently around 84 degrees Fahrenheit, this is an ideal place to jump in and explore the underwater world among relics of past wars, including swimming among sunken Japanese ships and downed Japanese and American aircraft. It’s in these war relics where ecosystems flourish. In addition to water activities, time outdoors along nature walks is coupled with cultural experiences that transcend far beyond negotiating with a shop owner. In addition to the inclusive experiences, more adventurous, optional experiences can be found on board Seabourn’s custom-built submarines and kayaks that offer even deeper exploration.

Guests can also look forward to a range of cultural excursions that promise an enriching and authentic experience. These include the chance to witness the sacred Baining Fire Dance in the shadow of Papua New Guinea's Baining Mountains, explore the historical legacy of the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island, and engage with the matrilineal society of the Trobriand Islands where the Kula exchange is an integral part of their culture. Additional opportunities might involve encounters with the Asmat people of West Papua, Indonesia, known for their vibrant traditions and intricate art, or witnessing the land divers of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, whose daring leaps are thought to have inspired bungee jumping. These carefully curated excursions offer an immersive dive into the traditions, history, and lifestyles of the South Pacific's diverse communities.

As with most of Seabourn’s voyages, these itineraries are designed to be intimate and unique, with no two experiences the same. Guests will enjoy the luxuries of Seabourn, including all ocean-front suites, world-class dining, and personalized service. The Pursuit's 24-person Expedition Team ensures a rich and immersive experience, guiding guests throughout their journey. Contact Expedition Trips today and let our experts discuss all the many itinerary options by Seabourn that will make your tropical dreams a reality.