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Ashton Palmer Earns WOW List Expert status in 2024

Celebrating 10 years of distinction with Wendy Perrin.

Celebrated for his 25 years of expertise in planning expedition cruise travel with impeccable customer service, Ashton Palmer has been officially recognized as a recommended travel specialist (again!) in 2024. The WOW List is an annual designation awarded to trusted experts in specific fields of travel, and serves as an endorsement from one of the most authoritative voices in travel, Wendy Perrin. This is is Ashton's 10th year to be honored with this designation, which is a testament to his long-term dedication and expertise in the world of expedition cruise travel.

Wendy Perrin, a former editor with a distinguished background, founded the exclusive WOW List, a resource that has become indispensable for travelers, travel advisors, journalists, magazine editors, and industry leaders seeking insights from a handpicked selection of experts. The WOW List is celebrated for its rigorous selection criteria, focusing on travel agents who offer more than just trips—they provide life-enriching experiences. Ashton Palmer's inclusion in this prestigious list underscores his exceptional talent in crafting expedition cruise journeys that are both unique and transformative. Maintaining the exclusivity and high standards of The WOW List, Wendy has intentionally kept it more selective than other lists, featuring a notably smaller, yet more distinguished, group of travel specialists.

In 2023, these professionals exhibited remarkable agility and resourcefulness in addressing a range of travel challenges: They adeptly rerouted travelers away from areas affected by wildfires and floods, ensured comfort during periods of extreme heat, navigated around unprecedented tourist congestion, recovered lost days of exploration due to flight cancellations, and mitigated the effects of the hospitality industry's challenges, including inflated prices, reduced staffing, and reduced services. The effectiveness of their solutions has been confirmed through direct traveler reviews. The WOW List continues to be updated in real time, reflecting the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of travel experiences, ensuring that members like Ashton Palmer are truly best-in-class in the travel planning industry.

As travelers, we are always in pursuit of unforgettable experiences, and with this recognition in Wendy Perrin's WOW List in 2024, Ashton ensures his staff continuously serves all travelers seeking the pinnacle of travel expertise and service. We celebrate this remarkable achievement and embark on journeys that will be cherished for a lifetime.