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Ashton Palmer Chooses National Geographic Venture for 50th Anniversary Celebration

The National Geographic Venture is not just a cruise ship...

Rather, the Venture is a purpose-built expedition vessel designed for immersive exploration. Built in 2018, this 4th ship in the Lindblad Expeditions–National Geographic alliance vessel offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. Like much of the wildlife the ship follows, the Venture has migratory sailings from Baja Mexico up the California coastline and into Southeast Alaska and Canada.

National Geographic Venture

With a relatively small passenger capacity of 100 guests, the vessel provides an intimate setting that giant cruise ships cannot match. Accommodations are comfortable yet functional, offering panoramic windows for unhindered views of the unfolding landscapes. Additional amenities include an onboard spa, a fitness center, a library stocked with field guides and literature, and a comfortable lounge for socializing and taking in lectures. Dining options range from casual to gourmet, featuring locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 

This gem of a ship was recently selected by Expedition Trips’ Founder Ashton Palmer as the perfect vessel for which to plan a milestone celebration for his in-laws 50th wedding anniversary in summer 2024. With the perfect itinerary in Alaska between Juneau and Sitka, the Venture navigates the bays and fjords and with a special permit, spends a day exploring spectacular Glacier Bay National Park.

What sets the Venture apart are its research and exploration facilities. Equipped with a state-of-the-art hydrophone and underwater cameras, it invites guests to delve into the world beneath the waves. The ship also carries a fleet of Zodiacs and sea kayaks, allowing for up-close encounters with nature. A roster of experts—from marine biologists to photographers—are on board to interpret and enrich the journey with insightful lectures and hands-on workshops.

Aboard a National Geographic Venture expedition, the ship itself becomes a part of the discovery process, transforming travel into a holistic journey of education and wonder. The ship's understated character—referred to as the "whale whisperer"—reflects a deep respect for nature. It's not just about seeing but understanding, not just about visiting but connecting.

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