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"Most Memorable Moments"

"The magic of seeing Antarctica for the first time in person; the vastness of the landscape and the quiet solitude (except for the penguin colonies) of the continent - a very peaceful feeling; the sunset on the night we camped with the echos of nearby glaciers cracking and calving; the blue hues in parts of the glaciers & icebergs - surreal; seeing and photographing all of the wildlife, especially the whales while cruising in the Zodiacs."
~ Robert G. 
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Since 1999, our team of dedicated travel advisors has helped thousands of travelers research and arrange their trips of a lifetime to some of the planet’s most remote and awe-inspiring destinations spanning all seven continents. Our staff is comprised of people who are deeply passionate about this niche style of travel, and Founder and President Ashton Palmer is featured on the WOW List, a collective of Trusted Travel Experts, developed by 25-year travel reporting veteran Wendy Perrin and composed of trip planners with unparalleled expertise in planning spectacular travel experiences. More About ExpeditionTrips

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ExpeditionTrips in Antarctica!

When not helping our clients plan their next adventure, we're out in the field experiencing the amazing trips we recommend! Join Expedition Advisor Tom Mountford on his recent expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula aboard L'Austral.
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