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"An Unbelievable Experience!"

"My Antarctica trip was an unbelievable experience! I haven't stopped raving about it to my friends and promised anyone who wants to go to keep them company. It was so much more than I had imagined—the stunning varied scenery, and, most of all, the encounters with such a diversity of wildlife. The sight of the first penguin made everyone smile and that smile kept recurring throughout the trip. A most wonderful trip!"

- Aleit W. (Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia) Read More

Galapagos: Aboard the Evolution

Ecuador's "enchanted isles" offer a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience found nowhere else on our planet. Snorkel with curious sea lions, meet the iconic Galapagos giant tortoise, and delight in the mating dances of comical blue-footed boobies. Explore this unique and dazzling world from the comfort of the Evolution, an elegant expedition ship with plentiful adventure options.

Come for the fascinating wildlife, volcanic landscapes, and the distinct adventure of the other-world that is Galapagos. Stay aboard a well-appointed vessel. Read our 7 reasons to experience Galapagos aboard the Evolution. Read More


A Top Travel Specialist

For over 15 years, our team of dedicated expedition specialists has helped thousands of travelers research and arrange their trips of a lifetime to some of the planet’s most remote and awe-inspiring destinations spanning all seven continents. Our staff is comprised of 17 people who are deeply passionate about this niche style of travel, and Founder and President Ashton Palmer was recently recognized as a Top Travel Specialist for Small Ship Expeditions by Condé Nast Traveler magazine. More About ExpeditionTrips.

Staff Reviews

When not helping our clients plan their next trip of a lifetime, we are off experiencing the amazing trips we recommend! Browse our library of Staff Reviews to learn more about our adventures in the field. Read More

Amazon – Vibrant Wildlife, Exotic Adventure

Grab your binoculars, pack your sense of adventure and get ready to experience the species-rich Amazon. Amazon River cruises offer the mystery and enchantment of the world's largest river—including a glimpse into the lives of local peoples who live along its banks. Or stay at a remote rainforest eco-lodge that offers nature lovers ample bird-watching and the thrill of searching for wildlife on foot. Nowhere else on earth offers the staggering variety of flora and fauna, from delicate orchids and colorful macaws to stealthy jaguars and slumbering sloths. Experience this stunning world treasure and spectacular destination.
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