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12 Travel Ideas for Couples

Leslie Holgate

12 Travel Ideas for Couples

Leslie Holgate

Celebrate your birthday, honeymoon or anniversary by taking the ultimate trip of a lifetime. Whether your dream is spotting polar bears in the Arctic, exploring on an amazing African safari, or being greeted by penguins on the southernmost continent, expedition travel offers an ideal way to share an experience together.

Expeditions are coordinated and led by experienced guides, so there’s no need to worry about the ins and outs of day-to-day plans. Couples can relax with a glass of wine on an observation deck with views of the Galapagos Islands, instead of perusing a computer to make arrangements for the next day.

ExpeditionTrips’ travelers, Ann LyDecker and Ham Bunge, celebrated their honeymoon with an Antarctica expedition which included highlights such as, “Camping out on the continent and waking up to a beautiful bright morning to the sound of penguins.” They described Antarctica as, “The most romantic place in the world! The serenity and grandeur of the pristine surroundings drew us in, restoring our appreciation for the beauty in nature and expanding our understanding and consciousness of the world. We returned home with a wonderful and inspired common experience that shall bind us and stay within our hearts forever.”

ExpeditionTrips’ traveler Adrienne Pittman celebrated her honeymoon in the Land of the Ice Bears. She said, “The Arctic is an unusual destination for a honeymoon, but we chose to take this trip to live an unforgettable adventure together - a once in a lifetime exciting and unique trip in such a rich environment. The trip also enabled us to try to live one of our dreams - get a chance to see polar bears in their natural habitat.”

When you’re planning your next trip for two, whether it’s a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or just a romantic getaway, here are some of the destinations and trips our expert staff recommends.

Galapagos Islands & Peru

Galapagos Classic – Northwestern – 8 Days
Aboard Eclipse – 48-passenger expedition ship
“When I think of honeymoon and anniversary couples in Galapagos, I automatically think of the Eclipse. Not only does she have a very modern and upscale feel, but the service is outstanding.” - Shelley Fry, Program Manager

Galapagos Classic – Western – 8 Days
Aboard La Pinta – 48-passenger expedition ship
La Pinta has great service. You will get pampered! There are delicious meals and lots of private areas for lounging. I particularly enjoyed the large windows in the cabin that looked straight out to sea.” – Abby Suplizio, Program Manager


Antarctica Cruise - The Peninsula – 11 Days
Aboard Le Boreal – 199-passenger luxury expedition ship

Antarctic Peninsula – 11 Days
Aboard Silver Explorer – 132-passenger luxury expedition ship
“Those clients who want the “very best” will really enjoy an expedition aboard the Silver Explorer or Le Boreal. From fine dining and 24-hour room service to relaxing spa treatments and nicely appointed suites, both of these luxurious vessels truly pamper their guests as they explore remote corners of the world.” - Shelley Fry, Program Manager

Alaska & Arctic

Alaska's Inside Passage - Glacier Country – 8 Days
Aboard Safari Quest – 22-passenger motor yacht
Safari Quest is very intimate. I stayed onboard and was impressed by the spacious private areas for relaxing, socializing, or simply kicking back to take in the Alaska views. The 8-day trip from Juneau offers whale watching, kayaking in remote bays, guided hikes, and guests can enjoy amenities such as a wine library and top-deck hot tub. The Safari Quest, Safari Explorer, Safari Spirit, or any of the Safari ships would be ideal for a couple getaway in Alaska” - Abby Suplizio, Program Manager

Land of the Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration of Arctic Svalbard – 11 Days
Aboard National Geographic Explorer – 148-passenger luxury expedition ship
“Couples who choose the Arctic as a honeymoon or anniversary destination are likely to be very focused on natural history, so it’s especially important to select a ship with a strong educational program. The National Geographic Explorer is the “gold standard” in Arctic Norway, as they have decades of experience in the region and their expedition teams are always very strong…both of which are critical when searching for creamy white polar bears on an expanse of white ice. The ship is also a luxurious platform for exploration, so they really do offer the whole package.” - Shelley Fry, Program Manager


Classic Botswana – 17 Days
Small Group - Land Based Adventure
“Step into a movie scene of expansive landscapes with roaming wildlife! The memories of wildlife in Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park will certainly be treasured for years to come. Spend days amid views of elephants, giraffe, and extraordinary birdlife, and spend nights relaxing with sundowner cocktails in some of Africa's best camps. Plus, you can add an extension to Victoria Falls.” - Lori Gifford, Program Manager

Europe, South Pacific & Hawaii

A Sailing Odyssey - Turkey and Greece – 10 Days
Aboard Sea Cloud – 58-passenger sailing vessel
“The Sea Cloud is very romantic and could be the most romantic ship we offer. There are incredible itinerary options to explore aboard the Sea Cloud through Greece, Turkey, and the beautiful Dalmatian Coast. All voyages feature a remarkable level of service, gourmet cuisine, and the windswept spirit of sailing.” - Joy Martinello, Program Manager

Exploring the Coral Sea: Papua New Guinea to Fiji – 16 Days
Aboard Orion – 102-passenger luxury expedition ship
“Snorkeling the sparking, warm waters of Papua New Guinea is a feast for the senses! For an adventure that’s full of culture and natural history, the Orion is a great choice. Plus, if it were me, I’d find a cozy place on the water near Cairns to spend a little more time snorkeling and beachcombing with my hubby!” - Shelley Fry, Program Manager

Hawaiian Seascapes: Moloka'i to the Big Island – 8 Days
Aboard Safari Explorer – 36-passenger motor yacht
“The Safari Explorer is small enough to be very personal, while large enough to afford some privacy. The captain and crew are also flexible, so snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, or whale watching opportunities are offered when conditions permit and guests are interested. There’s a nice open air hot tub on the top deck, great service, and guests can enjoy a complimentary massage.” – Joy Martinello, Program Manager

Additional voyages are available aboard the ships featured above. Please visit our website or contact us for details.