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Wild Iceland Escape

Discover why Iceland is known as the “land of fire and ice” on a voyage to the remote fjords and volcanic isles along the country's western coast.

Greenland Expedition

Beautiful dusts of snow on mountain tops, frosty grass in the mornings – and the supernatural wonders of Aurora Borealis on the night skies!

Iceland and East Greenland

Discover Scorseby Sund's beautiful fjord system, visit remote fishing villages, photograph stunning icebergs, and seek out the aurora borealis on a journey through Iceland and East Greenland.

Arctic Highlights

Discover stunning national parks in Spitsbergen and Greenland; explore one of the world's largest fjord systems; and scout for polar bears, whales, and reindeer.

Churchill – Classic Polar Bear Adventure

Arrive in Churchill for one of nature's most wondrous wildlife encounters!

  • Small Group
  • Land Based Adventures
  • approx. 16 Capacity
  • 7 Days
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Greenland Adventure

Curate your own active adventure in Greenland, from paddling pristine waters to stepping onto the vast polar plateau of the Greenland Ice Sheet!

Churchill – Classic Polar Bear Photo Adventure

Coaching from your expert photographer-guide is complemented by evening lectures on how to capture Arctic wildlife through the camera's lens—most notably polar bears, but also Arctic fox, Arctic hare, snowy owls and more.

  • Small Group
  • Land Based Adventures
  • approx. 16 Capacity
  • 7 Days
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    • 2020
    • Oct 26 Mon
    • Oct 27 Tue
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    • Nov 12 Thu
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East Greenland Explorer

Discover the world’s largest fjord system in East Greenland. Zodiac cruise and kayak along sounds filled with spectacular icebergs calved from glaciers of Greenland’s enormous ice cap.

Circumnavigation of Iceland

Iceland’s geology in all its manifestations––glaciers, thundering waterfalls, immense cliffs, geothermal springs, boiling mud pots, and rock and lava-scapes of unearthly beauty––is world-class.

  • National Geographic Explorer
  • Luxury Expedition Ship
  • 148 Capacity
  • 11 Days
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    • 2021
    • Jul 11 Sun
    • Jul 24 Sat
    • Aug 2 Mon
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  • $11,460
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Greenland Expedition

Greenland – that ultimate traveler’s destination – is a combination of natural beauty laid bare, zero commercialization, and opportunities for wildlife watching on Greenland’s eastern shore.

Greenland Expedition

This part of Greenland is known for its wild natural environments, its alpine landscapes, and its sea ice carried along the Transpolar Drift.

Iceland and Greenland

Begin first with Iceland (expect green – lots of it), and its melodic folk music before you cruise into Greenland’s magnificent Scorseby Sound.

East Greenland

In this season, the sun’s rays lie level with the horizon diffusing a magical palette of blue, magenta, purple and pink.

Canadian Arctic & West Greenland

From taking a Zodiac ride through the impressive icebergs of Disco Bay to learning all about the fascinating Inuit heritage of Nuuk, Silversea’s experts make sure that every moment matters on this trip.

Norway, East Greenland & Iceland

Three great countries all in one epic voyage! Venture into the largest national park in the world—Greenland National Park—to spot musk oxen, arctic hare, polar bear, and more.

  • National Geographic Endurance
  • Expedition Ship
  • 126 Capacity
  • 20 Days
  • 2020, 2021 View Departure>
    • 2020
    • Aug 31 Mon
    • 2021
    • Sep 2 Thu
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France, Iceland, and Greenland

The Arctic will then reveal itself to you in more ways than you could have imagined—clad in a thick layer of ice and snow with sparkling reflections and spellbinding silence.

The Northwest Passage: Iceland to Nome

Aboard the Commandant Charcot, the first hybrid electric polar exploration ship, relive the polar adventures of previous generations of explorers at the heart of this vast labyrinth of icy channels, exploring the three main routes that allow the Northwest Passage to be crossed.