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Western Europe

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Norwegian Fjords In Depth

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Venture into the magical and mysterious lands along the coast of the Norwegian Sea for close encounters with glaciers and gorgeous fjordscapes.

Norway and Svalbard

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Explore Svalbard, Bjornoya, North Cape, and Tromso on an Arctic expedition with the chance of polar bear sightings!

  • Spitsbergen Arctic
  • Scenic Exploration Vessel
  • 200 Capacity
  • 10 Days
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    • 2018
    • May 29 Tue Offer
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  • $3,673
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England, Ireland, and Wales

From traveling down the iconic River Thames to wandering amidst beautiful gardens as the late spring bursts into bloom, this colorful palette of the British Isles and Ireland is not to be missed.

Scotland's Highlands and Islands

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Navigate through inland waterways and locks—aboard a classic yacht with the feel of a stately country manner—to witness breathtaking countrysides, glens, and fortresses. Kayak in legendary Loch Ness.

  • Lord of the Glens
  • Motor Yacht
  • 48 Capacity
  • 9 Days
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    • 2018
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Norway and Svalbard

Where the midnight sun follows the polar night, you may see polar bear, the king of this domain. As you pass into the Arctic Circle, you will experience a unique feeling of having arrived at the end of the world.

Scotland, Norwegian Fjords, and Svalbard

Free One-way Charter Air + Transfer

Your expedition will lead to one discovery after another. A riveting program of unique, small-group shore experiences, led by a team of expert guides and lecturers, allows you to fully experience the lands you’ll visit.

Svalbard and Norway

Free One-way Charter Air + Transfer
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Cruise the unspoiled landscapes of the Arctic on this extraordinary voyage.

Svalbard and Norwegian Fjords

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Free One-way Charter Air + Transfer

Marvel at the elusive polar bear, rich birdlife, and the ruggedly beautiful landscape of the Arctic from a luxury expedition vessel.

Norwegian Fjords and Svalbard

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Free One-way Charter Air + Transfer
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Travel from peaceful Kristiansund, Norway, north through stunning fjordlands to the serene glacial frontier of Svalbard.

Norway's Fjords & Arctic Svalbard

Discover Norway's famous fjords, Arctic Svalbard's polar bears, and the lovely Lofoten Islands aboard a ship with kayaking, photography program, and excellent guides.

  • National Geographic Explorer
  • Luxury Expedition Ship
  • 148 Capacity
  • 17 Days
  • 2018, 2019 View Departure>
    • 2018
    • May 3 Thu
    • 2019
    • May 20 Mon
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  • $16,990
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