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Eileen H.

Baltimore, MD
Apr 2018

French Polynesia: Beyond the Postcard

Luxury Expedition Ship National Geographic Orion

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ExpeditionTrips' Olivia and Sarah were responsive, informative, and helpful at all times. I would recommend them to anyone!!! The scenery and activities were wonderful. Great snorkeling and swimming. The level of expertise form all staff was wonderful. No complaints. People were eager to make you comfortable at all costs.


Alissa A.

Ashland, OR
Dec 2015

The Coral Sea – Solomon Islands to New Zealand

Luxury Expedition Ship Silver Discoverer

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I really enjoyed being able to turn my travel over to you guys – the experts. I trust that you will provide excellent experiences and get me aligned with people and places that are of interest to me. Thank you!

Both parts of my trip were fantastic. The cruise was exceptional in terms of food, and the naturalist on board. I also really enjoyed my accommodations and the service on board. Best food of any ship I've been on.

New Zealand on my own was a new experience for me. The two naturalists in Able Tasman park were fantastic. I have to say so far the best group of naturalists I've experienced on an expedition cruise, and I really enjoyed the one-on-one experience with them. I think going "first class" for a land-based trip is essential, because there are so many other tourists around.

Thank you so much for all you do for me. I really feel part of the family working with ExpeditionTrips.com.


Deena D.

Melanesian Discovery

Luxury Expedition Ship Orion

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What a great experience traveling on this amazingly beautiful ship with such a friendly and professional staff. The expedition team was outstanding and answered all our questions about the area, flora and fauna with interesting lectures and history of the area.


David B.

Melanesian Discovery

Luxury Expedition Ship Orion

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What I wanted out of this expedition was real adventure and boy did we get it! The first three days were spent getting to know our fellow passengers and enjoying the fantastic ship and the crew. Then, once we reached land the real adventure started!


Chris P.

Papua New Guinea Cultural Highlights

Luxury Expedition Ship Orion

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Just wanted to say what a special experience I had travelling through Papua New Guinea on Orion. We visited some of the most fascinating islands and experienced the raw and real culture of Papua New Guinea. Places that I have only read about were brought to life and I feel very lucky to have been part of such an exciting expedition.


Melanie B.

Melanesian Discovery

Luxury Expedition Ship Orion

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I am currently onboard Orion almost at the end of a truly fantastic Melanesian and Solomon Islands Expedition. We started in Auckland and spent the first few days at sea where the time just seemed to fly as we enjoyed the wonderful Orion experience on a beautiful ship being served by wonderful staff and enjoying lectures on different subjects by experts who were very interesting.