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Erin O.

Oakland, CA
Jan 2018

Patagonian Explorer

Expedition Ship Ventus Australis

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The scenery and animals were INCREDIBLE. This was our first cruise and we chose this trip because we wanted to see things that we couldn't if we were traveling by land. The glaciers, the penguins, the albatross, Cape Horn(!) and the constantly changing views out the window all stand out. Returning to the Zodiacs after walking through a subantarctic forest and being greeted by the bartender who was serving whiskey and hot chocolate was a nice touch!


Candy C.

Dallas, TX
Nov 2017

Patagonia Expedition

Luxury Expedition Ship Le Soleal

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Most Memorable – Hiking in Patagonia during the spring with all the wild flowers in bloom. Also, landing on Cape Horn and standing at the very end of the South American point looking out to sea. Cruise staff were wonderful. ExpeditionTrips gave me recommendations on taxi service to set up for my arrival into Santiago. Also reached out to cruise company when I found out my flight was delayed.


Diane G.

Brooklyn, NY
Mar 2016

Chile & Peru: In the Wake of Humboldt & Darwin

Expedition Ship Sea Adventurer (charter)

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Trip was wonderful - a terrific team of expedition leaders with tremendous knowledge of birds, geology, marine biology, history. Accommodations were comfortable down to every last detail. Days were a combination of viewing wildlife, ancient ruins, and gorgeous scenery.

ExpeditionTrips staff know us and can predict what we would like--with a four trip track record, we have full confidence in ExpeditionTrips.


Barbie G.

Alberta, Canada
Mar 2016

Chile & Peru: In the Wake of Humboldt & Darwin

Expedition Ship Ocean Adventurer (charter)

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The Expedition Leaders were awesome...very friendly and helpful and always there for you...they made everyone feel special.

I've had two previous trips with ExpeditionTrips...they are very good at their job...in fact, they are the best. Thanks very much to the wonderful staff at ET...they provide such high standards, and I enjoy dealing with them.


Nick N.

Taunton, UK
Nov 2015

Patagonia, Chilean Fjords & Argentina's Staten Island

Luxury Expedition Ship National Geographic Explorer

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The trip was very interesting much of it unlike anywhere I have been - I did not have too many expectations, though I thought the country would be wild, and it lived up to that in spades! [The most memorable parts were] the temperate rain forest on Chiloe Island National Park, Pulamin Nature Sanctuary, spectacular views of the fjords and glaciers, incredible winds over wild moorland inhabited by vaious types of llama, visiting Staten Island and seeing large flocks of birds, Magellan penguins as well as sealions close up. As ever ExpedtionTrips' service was excellent and delivered in a warm, friendly way.