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Meet Orion’s Antarctic Expedition Leaders

Meet Orion’s Antarctic Expedition Leaders

Adventurers Don and Margie McIntyre are known as Australia's "Antarctic Couple". In 1995, they spent a year living together alone in a 2.4 x 3.6 meter box chained to rocks at Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay, the windiest spot on the face of the planet. Living only 400 meters from the historic 1911 Aurora Expedition huts of Sir Douglas Mawson, they struggled to survive a frontier experience of battling blizzards which, at times, kept them trapped in their box for up to 20 days. The effects of this self-imposed isolation are the subject of an award winning documentary and bestselling book 'Two Below Zero'.

As a couple, their awards and accolades are many and varied. In 1996, Margie was recognized as one of Australia's 12 most outstanding women.  And, together, they were presented with the Australian Geographical Society’s highest honor, a gold medal as Adventurers of the Year. Don and Margie ran with the Olympic torch on the day of the Opening Ceremony and have been Australia Day Ambassadors since 1998. They are both AAP Mawson Huts Foundation Ambassadors along with Sir Edmund Hillary, Tim Bowden, and Sir Peter Durham.

From 1993 to 2000, the McIntyres organized and participated in nine sailing expeditions aboard their own expedition yachts and worked onboard Russian Antarctic tourist ships as Lecturers, Field Guides, Boat Drivers and joint Expedition Leaders. In 2000, they purchased their own 36-meter 500 ton helicopter-equipped ice ship, Sir Hubert Wilkins, in Finland. During the next three years they sailed halfway around the world and then set out on four Antarctic Expeditions in support of education, research and adventure. To thaw out, the McIntyre's headed north to the Philippines on a six-month treasure hunting expedition.

Join Don and Margie McIntryre on one of the following expeditions this upcoming Antarctic season as they lead travelers through the Sub-Antarctic Islands and remote regions of Antarctica:

Mawson's Antarctica - Commonwealth Bay (Bluff to Bluff)
December 20, 2012

Mawson's Antarctica - Commonwealth Bay (Bluff to Hobart)
January 7, 2013