Baja, The Amazon, The Kimberley Coast & The Great Blue Ice
Travel Insider June 2013
ET’s Amanda Swims with Amazonian Pink Dolphins!

ExpeditionTrips Travel Coordinator Amanda Gerardo recently returned from an exciting voyage to the heart of Peru's Pacaya-Samiria Reserve while traveling aboard the Delfin II, a boutique river boat with elegant interiors and an intimate atmosphere. Amanda shares her amazing experiences–swimming with pink river dolphins to trekking through the tangled jungle in search of exotic wildlife.

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The Captivating Wildness of Australia

Australia, a land of great biodiversity, unusual history, and exotic wildlife, is an expeditionary traveler's dream. From the abundant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef to the expansive and unique geography of Western Australia's Kimberley Region, this amazing continent is well worth the time to get there. ExpeditionTrips President Ashton Palmer has traveled extensivley on this extraordinary continent and shares his knowledge of this exciting destination.

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Welcome, National Geographic Orion!

The National Geographic fleet of ships has long been the gold standard for expedition travel, known for excellent guides with extensive field knowledge, captivating programs, elegant comfort, and unfettered access to the world's most remote destinations. The National Geographic Orion is the most recent addition, opening up new destinations—Australia's Kimberley, the South Pacific, and Southeast Asia—for amazing experiences aboard a National Geographic vessel.

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ET’s Joshua reports from Baja’s Hidden Coast

ExpeditionTrips Program Manager Josh Logan recently returned from a fantastic adventure exploring Baja California's Sea of Cortez while traveling aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird. Josh shares his experiences from encountering blue whales, the largest creatures on the planet, to swimming with the sea lions, graceful aquatic playmates.

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Reflections from an Antarctic Expedition Specialist

A small ship cruise to Antarctica is unlike any other travel experience, akin to visiting another planet. And the expedition team you travel with is just as important as the destination in creating a unique and memorable trip of a lifetime. Susan Adie, Expedition Leader of the MS Expedition, shares what makes the crew of the Expedition so special, as well as unforgettable moments from her Antarctica travels.

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