Epic Voyages, Condé Nast Honors, and Crew Adventures
Travel Insider – Sept 2013
Explore the South Pacific – Paradise with the Experts

Step aboard the inaugural voyage of the National Geographic Orion with top staff and special guests – dive legends, unmatched Expedition Leaders, knowledgeable researchers, and National Geographic photographers, all passionate about sharing the wonders of the South Pacific with you. Explore the amazingly diverse wildlife of the Great Barrier Reef to the varied and culturally distinct tribes of Papua New Guinea with South Pacific experts on your trip of a lifetime.

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Condé Nast Traveler Honors ET President

ExpeditionTrips President Ashton Palmer was recently named a Top Travel Specialist for Small Ship Expeditions by Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Ashton discusses the great honor of receiving this recognition, his journey to Top Travel Specialist, and how ExpeditionTrips provides expertise and value to travelers planning the Trip of a Lifetime.

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The Arctic – Big Ice and Wild Polar Bears

ExpeditionTrips Program Manager Shelley Fry has a passion for pristine landscapes, and recently returned from an exploration of the Arctic on her Baffin Island and Greenland Explorer adventure. Having traveled to Arctic Svalbard previously, Shelley discovered a new Arctic landscape as she explored the small villages of Baffin and Greenland, and stepped foot on the same sea ice that’s home to the majestic polar bear.  Share in Shelley's adventure to a land of tiny yet beautiful tundra flowers, the mighty polar bear, and immense sculptural icebergs.

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Unique Antarctic Voyages with Special Guests

Whether it’s waking to the sounds of penguin calls while camping on the Antarctic Peninsula, kayaking among the colossal towers of ice, celebrating the holidays in the most amazing surroundings, or learning from the experts–penguinologists to New York Times bestselling authors–our exciting collection of special interest voyages to the White Continent are sure to inspire. Craft a unique voyage around your interests and passions while traveling with true experts on your Antarctic adventure.

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ET Crew Adventures – Galapagos to Kilimanjaro

ExpeditionTrips takes you to the most remote and awe-inspiring places on the planet, providing exceptional expertise and value. We're passionate about travel and providing expert knowledge to help you plan, book and research the best expeditions by land and sea. And in the coming months, several members of the ET crew are heading into the field to find more great expedition travel experiences, from Galapagos to Kilimanjaro.

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