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Five ways to find an adventure travel bargain

by Josh Roberts

ExpeditionTrips, a specialized wholesaler of small-ship expedition travel—such as Galapagos adventure voyages—offers advance-booking discounts. "Several of the shipping companies we work with offer early-booking discounts, which we extend to our clients," says Kristy Royce, the company's director of marketing. "We are also able to offer special savings with certain lines that are not available directly or though most other travel agents. With some trips it is better to book early and get an early-booking discount and the cabin you want at the best time of year."

Most of the companies I've mentioned here also send weekly or monthly email newsletters with their current deals, both last-minute and otherwise. If you're more than a casual adventure travel browser, it makes sense to identify the companies you like best and then subscribe to their deal newsletters. Some of my favorite newsletters are those from Adventure Center, ExpeditionTrips.com, G.A.P. Adventures, GORP Travel, iExplore, Intrepid Travel, Mountain Travel Sobek, Responsible Travel, and Sherpa Expeditions.

ExpeditionTrips gives a five-percent discount for groups of eight or more.

Still, there are times when price is the deciding factor. In those cases, one thing is more important than all the rest: "Be flexible," says ExpeditionTrips' Kristy Royce, "and be willing to travel at the last minute." Good advice. After all, spontaneity is the very heart of adventure.

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