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Expedition Cruising is One of the Hottest Trends
Travel Market Report

As the cruise industry matures and cruisers look for new experiences, expedition cruising is emerging as one of the hottest niches. Many new builds are coming to market, purpose-built ships designed for a particular region, the Galapagos or Antarctica or Greenland, for example. And guests want a more luxurious feel to their adventure cruising.

“The most significant change we’ve seen in expedition-style cruising over the past decade is a trend toward nicer hardware. Gone are the days when most cabins had fixed twin beds and a dark, cramped lounge. As new builds and conversions enter the market, they overwhelmingly have larger cabins, a higher percentage of balcony suites, multiple dining venues, and spacious public areas that connect travelers with the environment,” said Shelley Fry, marketing and media manager, at Seattle-based Expedition Trips.

“The trend toward upscale accommodations means that travelers don’t have to sacrifice comfort to explore very remote regions by small ship, and that opens up expedition-style cruising to an entirely new market segment. This is exciting news for travel agents, not only because it’s a lucrative market, but also because they likely have clients who don’t consider themselves as ‘cruisers,’ but who would enjoy this style of travel.”

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