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The World's Best Adventure Cruises
Men's Journal

In true expedition spirit, Men's Journal's "World's Best Adventure Cruises" features 11 dynamic voyages that span all corners of the globe – from the Galapagos to the Arctic and beyond. Topping the list is ExpeditionTrips' Cape to Cape expedition aboard the elegant and modern Silver Cloud.

"Sail aboard the Silver Cloud from 'the end of the world' in South America to the southern tip of Africa experiencing incredible wildlife along the way. You will spend four days in South Georgia seeing massive elephant seals and king penguins when you go ashore to hike the tundra (with complimentary expedition gear). Before you reach Cape Town, you’ll explore Tristan da Cunha, the world's most remote inhabited archipelago with just over 300 residents. Back on board, prepare your palate for a variety of luxuries on the yacht-like vessel."