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  • Author Jon Levy in Antarctica
    Author Jon Levy in Antarctica
6 Research-Backed Ways to Live a Happier and More Exciting Life
Business Insider

Author and behavioral scientist Jon Levy has spent nearly a decade trying to understand what it takes to live an exciting and remarkable life, and his new book—The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure—shares six secrets to creating your own map for happiness.

On making bold goals, Levy writes:

"We are most productive and motivated when we are pursuing something that is new and challenging. But if something is too overwhelming, it creates a state of anxiety in which we lose motivation and productivity. Every year, I create a travel goal.

One year, I went to the most famous events in the world each month. No matter where it was, without knowing how to pay for it. Another year, I went to all seven continents. I went with ExpeditionTrips to Antarctica, and it was the most memorable experience of my life. If I didn't set audacious goals, I'd never have to grow in order to achieve them."

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