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ExpeditionTrips Welcomes 'Bergalia Boys' to Seattle

SEATTLE, WA, July 12, 2011—Seattle-based travel experts, ExpeditionTrips, welcomes their clients, ‘The Bergalia Boys,’ after sponsoring them on an extraordinary motorcycle journey from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle, raising money to support the Make-a-Wish Foundation. On Tuesday, July 19, 2011, ExpeditionTrips will welcome their travelers to Alki Beach in West Seattle on a stop-over en route to Antarctica.

The Bergalia Boys—Wade Stubbs and Philip Atkinson of Bergalia county, Australia—aim to cover 28,000 miles by motorbike in eight months, and will conclude with an Antarctic expedition arranged by ExpeditionTrips.

The Bergalia Boys will embark the 126-passenger Expedition for the finale of their epic ride to the Antarctic Circle in February 2012. The 14-day voyage will depart from Ushuaia, Argentina and head south to traverse the 66° 33′ 44″ latitude. To help celebrate their journey’s end, the Bergalia Boys will be joined by family and friends on the expedition. Excursions such as hiking, camping, and kayaking will be offered throughout the trip.

Ashton Palmer, President of ExpeditionTrips, said, “We are proud to be supporting the Bergalia Boys’ incredible Circle to Circle expedition and their quest to turn miles into wishes. Their desire for adventure and to help others is both admirable and consistent with our company’s core values. Our team will welcome them on their arrival to Seattle this July and we look forward to following their journey in the months ahead.”

Wade Stubbs and Philip Atkinson said, “Initially, ‘Circle to Circle’ was to be something special for us. An achievement we could look back on for the rest of our lives and smile, to feel proud of. We wanted the kind of experience that in years to come will make our old eyes sparkle as we tell stories and re-live adventures from an age ago. As plans developed, it made us aware how fortunate we are to experience such a trip. It made us think that as we follow our dreams it would be fantastic to help others achieve theirs.”

The Bergalia Boys chose to dedicate their ride to charity by supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The Circle to Circle journey has raised more than $12,000. When the Bergalia Boys embark the Expedition for the Antarctic Circle, they hope to have raised $100,000. “It has become more than just an adventure. We now have a purpose, traveling from Circle to Circle turning Miles into Wishes,” said Stubbs and Atkinson.

“From when we could tie our own laces, we had a dream of doing a trip of some sort together. ...This entire experience has taken a bit of a turn from our original plans some 20 years ago, but at the end of the day it will still be two mates just going for a ride,” said Stubbs and Atkinson.

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About the Bergalia Boys
The Bergalia Boys, Wade Stubbs and Philip Atkinson, are two ordinary guys on an extraordinary adventure from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle. They are traveling from Circle to Circle, turning Miles into Wishes, as they support the Make-a-Wish Foundation throughout their 28,000-mile journey. Be a part of the Bergalia Boys’ experience by following the journey on their website: www.bergaliaboys.com. Also, to make a donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and support the Bergalia Boys’ Miles-For-Wishes, please visit: www.firstgiving.com/bergaliaboys

About the Make-a-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Founded in 1980 when a group of caring volunteers helped a young boy fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer, the Foundation is one of the world’s leading children’s charities. With the help of generous donors and more than 30,000 volunteers worldwide, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted more than 250,000 wishes worldwide. For more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, visit wish.org, and for Make-A-Wish Foundation International, visit worldwish.org.