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The Ultratravel Top 10 – Life's An Adventure

by Robert Carroll

Leave all yearnings for a pillow menu and an in-room cappuccino maker behind. From Antarctic sea kayaking to riding across the Mongolian plains or a thrill-seeking jaunt in a MiG fighter jet, Robert Carroll picks 10 ways to get your kicks this summer. . .

The Antarctic’s staggering scenery, wonderful wildlife and hefty price tag make it one of the world’s few great adventure zones to remain relatively untroubled by an influx of tourists. While shore landings and trips in inflatable boats give you a taste of this epic place, taking to the ice-strewn waters in a kayak is the best way to experience its grandeur. You are close to the water and its marine life, which ranges from seals and penguins to humpback and minke whales. The kayak also gives you a feeling of independence and adventure as you explore the iceberg-filled bays and hear glaciers calving and crashing into the water. An 11-day trip with Expedition Trips (001 206 547 0700, www.expeditiontrips.com) costs US$9,199 (Dh33,788) per person for a suite plus an extra $659 (Dh2,421) for a kayaking trip.