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Compare Trip Price You Save Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Norwegian Fjords In Depth$2,624$87521 May 1831 May 1811Expedition132Expedition Ship
Norway and Svalbard$3,712Offer29 May 1807 Jun 1810Spitsbergen Arctic200Scenic Exploration Vessel
Norway and Svalbard$3,673Offer07 Jun 1816 Jun 1810Spitsbergen Arctic200Scenic Exploration Vessel
Norwegian Fjords and Polar Bears of Spitsbergen$5,099$90031 May 1814 Jun 1815Expedition132Expedition Ship
Norway to Svalbard$4,248Offer19 May 1830 May 1812Spitsbergen Arctic200Scenic Exploration Vessel
Wild Norway & Svalbard$11,980Offer17 May 1902 Jun 1917Ocean Adventurer (charter)120Expedition Ship
Svalbard and Norway$13,150Offer18 Jul 1827 Jul 1810Silver Cloud (Polar Voyages)200Luxury Expedition Ship
Svalbard and Norwegian Fjords$13,400Offer24 Jun 1806 Jul 1813Silver Cloud (Polar Voyages)200Luxury Expedition Ship