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Our Take: The Integrity

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Our Take: The Integrity

In the sea of options available for a Galápagos adventure, the 16-passenger Integrity by INCA stands out for its focus on sustainability, education, and conservation. She is expressly designed for discerning travelers with a deep curiosity about the natural world, and naturalist-led shore and snorkeling excursions appeal to guests seeking intimate wildlife encounters and an engaging learning experience.

What We Lov

We love this family-owned company for their unique story, focus on learning and discovery, and profound respect for the isolated archipelago’s natural treasures.

Scientist and professor Bill Roberson first brought his family to the Galápagos Islands back in the ‘70s, and they instantly fell in love with the natural wonders and wildlife on display. They founded INCA shortly thereafter as a way to share the islands with friends and like-minded travelers.

A few years later, the Roberson’s partnered with Rolf Sievers, a former manager of the Charles Darwin Research Station and owner of the elegant Integrity. Rolph shared Roberson's passion for this precious ecosystem with profound scientific importance.

Today, the Integrity boasts some of the best naturalist guides in the Galápagos, each bringing their distinct perspective to provide a boutique experience that leaves guests with a deep appreciation of the Islands, and they have made significant contributions to ongoing scientific research and local education programs through a long-standing partnership with the Galápagos Conservancy. The Integrity is also among the greenest yachts in Galápagos, as it meets or exceeds US standards for waste recycling, wastewater treatment, and bilge water separation, plus it is the only yacht with electronically-controlled engines to guarantee the highest fuel efficiency possible.

In short, we are impressed with their commitment to both elevating the guest experience and preserving this fragile ecosystem for generations to come.

The Trip Experience

With a range of itinerary options on offer, we recommend the signature 10-day ‘Origins of Species’ itinerary. You will explore the Galápagos Islands at a leisurely pace, plus your package will include the convenience of a hotel night upon arrival in Ecuador, transfers in Quito or Guayaquil, complimentary laundry service, and unlimited use of internet aboard Integrity.  

Once you arrive in Galapagos, an overnight stay on Santa Cruz Island allows you to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Santa Cruz Highlands before boarding your yacht. This means you will have an entire extra day to explore visitor sites in this island’s highlands region. Accommodation is usually provided by the Royal Palm Galápagos, which hosted another famous Charles—the Prince of Wales—who visited the islands in 2009.

Central to the experience is the Integrity, a comfortable motor yacht built for 16 guests to explore the islands in casual elegance. Abundant public spaces allow you to spread out, socialize with companions, and relax between daily shore visits and snorkeling excursions. Stabilized and secure, with redundant safety systems that ensure a smooth journey, the yacht has never missed a day of service.

For those who prefer traveling with a secure group of family members or friends, a new ‘Exclusive Use’ option can make the voyage aboard the Integrity completely private for groups of 4 to 10 guests. Generous deposit and cancellation terms for Exclusive Use departures allow guests to cancel their Galápagos adventure up to 120 days prior to departure and receive a refund, and this option is available for select 2020-2021 reservations confirmed prior to December 31, 2020. Yacht charters, with their own terms and conditions, are offered for parties of 11 to 16 guests.

Health and Safety Highlights

With a background rooted in science, it is no surprise that safety precautions on the Integrity are extensive. Upon boarding, luggage receives an additional spray with a disinfecting mist while guests are greeted with a hot towel infused with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Shoe disinfection trays are placed at the entrance to the yacht, and hand sanitizing stations are located in all social areas. Additional masks are available upon request.

A thorough cleaning process—using products approved by the Galápagos National Park that have been shown to be effective against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens—is utilized across all common areas, public spaces, guest staterooms, and crew quarters, with a particular emphasis on high-contact surfaces.

All crew members are tested for COVID on arrival in the Galápagos Islands, and they follow complete disinfection procedures before boarding the yacht. Crew are closely monitored daily for any symptoms, including temperature checks, and they are required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment and maintain social distance while onboard.

We confidently recommend the Integrity as a top option for Galápagos, so might it be the right option for you? Find more trip details here, reach out to us by email, or chat with a Travel Advisor at 877-412-8527.