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Galapagos In-Brief – Pikaia Lodge

Galapagos Cruise and Land Program

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Summary : The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the most spectacular and pristine National Parks in the world. Visitors delight in the abundant, unusual, and surprisingly approachable wildlife—from Galapagos giant tortoises to playful sea lions to the fascinating blue-footed boobies. Explore the island of Santa Cruz by land and sea while you discover all the comforts that the Pikaia Lodge has to offer while experiencing the unique wildlife and landscape of the islands. Kayak, snorkel, hike and bike while enjoying its beautiful bays, island trails and pristine beaches. Cruise on the lodge's very own yacht, the Pikaia I, and set sail to spend a day exploring South Plaza and Santa Fe Islands.

Please Note: From 9/5/2017–2/3/2017, The Sea Finch will operate in place of the Pikaia I while it undergoes renovations.

Activities : Birding, Child-Friendly, Culture, Hiking, Kayaking, Snorkeling


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Day 1
Baltra Island / Santa Cruz Island

You will have access to the VIP Lounge at Baltra Airport where guides will meet you to begin the journey through the Itabaca Channel for a seven-minute ferry crossing to Santa Cruz Island, followed by a 40-minute scenic trip in private transport to Pikaia Lodge. After check-in at the lodge, enjoy a light lunch at Evolution Restaurant or on the pool terrace. Participate in a briefing with a complementary welcome cocktail at the lodge’s DNA Bar. There will be a chance to relax and familiarize yourself with the lodge. Perhaps enjoy a walk or a swim in the pool. In the evening, dinner will be at the lodge’s Evolution Restaurant.

Day 2
Santa Cruz Island

The day’s activities are planned according to satellite weather imagery and tide charts. Included land activities could be visiting the twin craters, exploring a giant tortoise farm, discovering vast lava tunnels, strolling along a beautiful beach, snorkeling and/or the Charles Darwin Research Center. Other activities available for an extra fee are kayaking, mountain biking and fishing. You may also choose to relax and enjoy your day at the lodge independently.

Day 3
South Plaza Island / Santa Fe Island

Enjoy a full-day program on board the Pikaia I Yacht. Private cabins are assigned and guests have the option to have breakfast on board Pikaia I. On arrival to the island, the morning offers hiking or snorkeling activities until midday. Lunch buffet is served while the yacht sails to another island for an afternoon exploration.

South Plaza Island is home to sea lions, land and marine iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls with striking red-rimmed eyes, and masked boobies. Delightful wildlife encounters and amazing photos are in store for you here.

Santa Fe Island boasts one of the most beautiful coves in the Galápagos archipelago. A turquoise lagoon protected by a peninsula that extends from the shore, and then by a row of off-shore rocks and a small island aligned with them, the cove is an area of unmatched beauty. While sea lions cavort noisily on the rocks and frolic in the water, land iguanas and lava lizards keep silent company on the shore.

Two hours before sunset the yacht sets sail back to Santa Cruz Island. While sailing, feel free to rest, or freshen up in their air-conditioned private cabins with showers, soak in the Jacuzzi, watch a Galapagos documentary, join a discussion with guides, sunbathe or watch for dolphins.

Day 4
Santa Cruz Island / Baltra Island

Return to the VIP Lounge in the Baltra Airport assisted by lodge guides.


This itinerary is subject to change. ExpeditionTrips is not responsible for itinerary changes.

VIP Lounge at Baltra airport at arrival and departure; transport between Baltra airport and Pikaia Lodge; Pikaia Lodge and Pikaia I accommodations and meals; per the daily program guided English and Spanish land and marine exploration programs at the Pikaia Lodge and onboard Pikaia I; wetsuits and snorkeling equipment; some mountain biking - at the lodge only; non-alcoholic beverages in the Lodge and onboard yacht during meals. Subject to change without notice.

Not Included:
Airfare; transfers in Quito or Guayaquil; Galapagos National Park entrance fee and Transit Card; passport expenses; traveler's insurance; in-room services charges; alcoholic beverages; spa treatments; laundry services; telephone calls and fax; boutique and spa boutique items; gratuities; optional additional activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and more; additional private tours or transport services; travel health insurance (required to enter Ecuador); fuel surcharge may apply.

Airfare between Quito/Guayaquil and the Galapagos Islands:
The flights between mainland Ecuador (Quito or Guayaquil) and the Galapagos Islands are an additional cost. To secure your seats on often overbooked flights, ExpeditionTrips must reserve these flights for you at the time of cruise booking. Approximate cost (including service fee): $500-$700 per adult; $300-$450 per child under 12 (copy of passport required).

Photo Credit: © Pikaia Lodge

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