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Realm of the Polar Bear: Svalbard

Go north to the land of the ice bear aboard the Expedition, a comfortable Danish ship with excellent guides, spacious cabins, and kayaking. Discover mighty polar bears lumbering over ice and walruses sunbathing on Arctic shores, paddle the glassy waters of pristine seascapes, and witness the awe-inspiring sight of calving glaciers. This is the Arctic, a land of astonishing contrast and unsurpassed beauty, where you enjoy spectacular vistas under the midnight sun and encounter more icebergs, glaciers, and unique wildlife than you ever thought possible. Explore the wonders of the Arctic, and be rewarded with extraordinary experiences.

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Video: Arctic Under 90 Seconds

The Arctic is a destination that rewards with breathtaking beauty and spectacular wildlife encounters. The incredible vastness and remote wildness you experience up here are exciting and awe-inspiring. The silent majesty of the monochromatic landscape, the thrill of exploring by the light of the midnight sun, and encountering mighty beasts from polar bears to walrus overwhelms the senses. Watch the short video below to get a taste for the wonders of the Arctic aboard the Expedition—in under 90 seconds.


"Unbelievable Beauty!"

"The staff and naturalist guides were excellent, all the way around. The natural beauty of the area and the archaeology far exceeded my expectations. The unbelievable beauty of the Norwegian coastline and the wonderful, fun passengers were memorable parts of the expedition. Planning our trip with ExpeditionTrips was great. Excitement and enthusiasm are always there with ET."

- Sue H.; Emerald Hills, CA (Norwegian Fjords and Polar Bears, Expedition)

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The Arctic

Amazing Wildlife Awaits!

The Great White North's vast icy landscapes and cold turquoise waters, seemingly uninhabitable, are home to a remarkable assortment of amazing creatures. Flora and fauna of this dazzling destination form a tightly connected ecosystem, from microscopic zooplankton that feed enormous whales, to small mouse-like voles that are prey to the arctic fox. Venture north for encounters with extraordinary wildlife, from the mighty polar bear to massive walrus, and experience the wildness and vitality of the Arctic. Read More

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As your Expedition Specialists, we are proud to feature G Adventures and their Arctic cruises to Spitsbergen, Greenland, and Norway aboard the 132-passenger Expedition. For more than 20 years, G Adventures has created affordable, award-winning trips throughout the world in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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