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A treasure chest of scenery, culture and cuisine awaits your discovery in Mediterranean Europe. You’ll marvel at the roots of civilization in Greece and Rome. The “jewel of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik, Croatia, will leave you speechless. Explore the rich histories of Albania and Montenegro. And become enchanted by Turkey’s eastern flair. Photograph the region’s wildlife—loggerhead turtles, monk seals, dolphins, flamingos and more—against a deep blue background of sea and sky. Along the way, sample spectacular Mediterranean fare—like baklava, olives, fresh seafood and local wines. Step from your boat onto the shores of untold adventures on your Mediterranean cruise... Read about Mediterranean in Detail

Western Europe

Journey through history as you experience the awe-inspiring architecture of Mont San Michel, walk the ancient cobblestone streets of Cadiz, follow Amsterdam’s charming canals or get lost in the markets of Marrakech. If nature is your ultimate destination, you won’t be disappointed by Norway’s fjords, whale watching near Portugal, or birding on the Canary Islands. Western Europe’s cities and coastlines welcome you with some of the world’s best food and wines, iconic art and architecture, and delightful natural treasures... Read about Western Europe in Detail

Eastern Europe

Discover the flair of Eastern Europe on a Black Sea cruise! Walk the ancient streets of Istanbul or sample baklava. Drink in the snowcapped peaks of Georgia while you sip its traditional wines. Waltz along the Danube or photograph the 5,500 species of flora and fauna found in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Find yourself in the lost cities of Histira and Constanta, Romania. An Eastern European tour satisfies the adventurous soul with history, nature and culture—all with an eastern twist!.. Read about Eastern Europe in Detail


Travel to the Britain and Ireland for a unique combination of natural, contemporary and historic adventures. Photography wildlife—like puffins, seals, and whales—from a Zodiac or take a beach hike on a remote island where pirates once roamed. Pull into contemporary ports like London, Plymouth and Dublin, or explore the ancient stone remains of small seaside villages. An Ireland and Britain cruise means you don’t have to choose between the natural wonders of the Isles and the delights of their cities!.. Read about Britain/Ireland/Scotland in Detail


The northern lights. Reindeer herds. Glaciers and fjords. The magic of Copenhagen. Travel to Scandinavia for beautiful wilderness and interesting cities. Photograph one of the last nomadic peoples on earth—the Sami—as they tend to their reindeer herds. Imagine royal life as you tour Kronoberg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Stand in awe of glaciers one day and feel the vibrant beat of city life the next—music, art, cafes, festivals, fashion and more! Like the Vikings of yesterday, you’ll explore Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden by boat... Read about Scandinavia in Detail


Step into a world of castles and cathedrals, charming town squares, isolated islands, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and countless off-the-tourist-track delights in the Baltics. Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Sweden present a treasure trove of art, architecture, history and charming city life—all bordered by the calm Baltic Sea. Unforgettable destinations include beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia, 800-year-old Riga, Latvia, and medieval Tallinn, Estonia. Enjoy the best of old-world Europe on a Baltic cruise... Read about Baltics in Detail


Experience Europe like never before when you set sail for the Azores. Follow in the footsteps of pirates and Christopher Columbus as you explore an island nation at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Come in spring to see the islands awash in flowers. Sample the local flavors at a tea or pineapple plantation. Dive, whale watch, or tour a restored church or fortress. An Azores cruise is adventure on the high seas at its finest... Read about Azores in Detail