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Antarctica via Easter Island!

Amanda Gerardo

Antarctica via Easter Island!

Amanda Gerardo

Imagine setting foot on a secluded, rarely visited island. An enchanted place where ocean breezes whip their way from crashing surf to sleeping volcanoes, and sunset illuminates stoic faces carved deftly by a people long since departed. A land rich in archeological remnants and steeped in a troubled, but glorious past.

This magical place is Easter Island.

Located over 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, Easter Island (or Rapa Nui as the locals call it) is one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands in the world. The remoteness of the island has played a central role in its fascinating history, but has also created an obstacle for travelers to cross this destination off their travel wish list.

One of the only gateway cities connecting Easter Island with the rest of the world is Santiago, Chile. This also being a gateway for Antarctic trips has presented us with a perfect opportunity to offer Rapa Nui as a pre- or post-cruise option for our travelers on their way to the icy continent.

Our five-day extensions give you a perfect dose of culture before you're submerged in the natural history, abounding wildlife and frozen landscapes of our southern-most continent. Observe the giant Moai statues for yourself as you learn about the mythology and history behind these large stone figures as well as the importance they held in the Rapa Nui society. Visit extinct volcanoes, ceremonial sites, cave paintings, and the stone quarries that gave birth to the spectacular Moai you will encounter throughout the island. These trips are sure to give you an island experience like no other, and will certainly enhance your Antarctic trip.

I was lucky enough to experience the magic of Easter Island for myself in September 2010 so feel free to call me to learn more about this fascinating destination!

Amanda Gerardo, Travel Coordinator


Easter Island - Traditional Option
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Easter Island is not only a place of surreal natural beauty but also a guardian of the mysteries of the Rapanui people. Discover this captivating island from the comforts of Hotel Altiplanico and daily excursions with your private guide.

Easter Island - Luxury Option
Explore Easter Island's stunning geography and rich culture the 'Explora' way. With green-certified, all-inclusive Posada de Mike Rapu as your base, choose from over 15 excursions by foot, bicycle, or by sea--at your desired physical level, for as long as you like!

Note: Beginning in January 2011, flights between Lima and Easter Island will begin operation with four weekly flights, making Easter Island an easy add-on to a Galapagos or Peru trip!

ExpeditionTrips also offers extensions to Patagonia and Iguazu Falls. Visit our Antarctica research section to learn more.