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Australia combines the best of adventure travel—stunning beaches, glorious weather, world-class diving and snorkeling, wide-open spaces with few tourists, superb food and wine, interesting cities and rich cultural encounters. And, don’t forget the Aussies, some of the friendliest, most laidback locals on earth. Whether you’re diving in the Great Barrier Reef, photographing kangaroos, meeting Aborigines, visiting Ayers Rock or relaxing on the beach of a remote island, the thrill and adventure of the Land Down Under will simply stun you... Read about Australia in Detail

New Zealand

Whatever your pleasure, New Zealand has it—from fjords and snowcapped mountains to thermal lakes, geysers, sand dunes, rainforest, beaches, glaciers, whitewater and wildlife. An adventure-lover’s paradise, New Zealand is varied enough and small enough to go snorkeling and skiing in the same day. Discover the fascinating traditions of the Maori culture, explore boiling mud islands, or count sheep while you’re still awake (there are 11 for every human here!). End your day with a glass of local pinot noir or sauvignon blanc, famous throughout the world... Read about New Zealand in Detail

Sub-Antarctic Islands

The far-flung Sub-Antarctic islands arc southward from New Zealand, crossing six degrees of latitude. Isolated and life-rich, they are considered one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. For nature lovers, birders, photographers, and travelers whose inner explorer begs to venture where few have gone before, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is indeed paradise found... Read about Sub-Antarctic Islands in Detail