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Cruise north toward the edge of the map to Svalbard, Norway’s northernmost reaches. Be on the lookout for the mighty polar bear along with other Arctic wildlife—reindeer, arctic foxes, walrus, seals, whales and seabirds—scarcely aware of human existence. You’ll be awestruck by the majesty of calving glaciers as they crash into the blue sea. At the same time you’ll marvel at the delicate, tiny wildflowers that blanket the harsh tundra hillsides. Discover the Arctic like the explorers of long ago—aboard a ship. Follow your wanderlust northward on a Svalbard cruise—to fjords, ice bears, glaciers and more!.. Read about Svalbard in Detail


Zip up your parka, grab your camera and go on safari—Arctic safari that is! Head to the Polar Bear Capital of the World—Churchill, Canada. Take a polar bear tour in an off-road tundra buggy, where you’ll safely spot the great ice bear in its natural habitat, along with arctic fox, caribou, tundra swans and more. Don’t be surprised if a polar bear walks right up to your buggy! Your “safari” also might include kayaking among beluga whales and spotting hundreds of bird species. On a clear night, you might even witness the awe-inspiring northern lights!.. Read about Churchill in Detail


Board a Greenland expedition cruise and journey to a pristine land of fjords, tundra, walrus and wildflowers. Take in the world’s largest national park along with extraordinary wildlife like seals, reindeer, eider duck, arctic hare, musk oxen and polar bears. Stand in awe of deep fjords—especially Scoresbysund fjord, the world’s longest! Get to know the people who call this wonderland home in Itoqqortoormiit, one of the world’s last remaining hunter societies. And visit neighboring Iceland, a surprising place where volcanoes and thermal springs share the island with glaciers and snowfields... Read about Iceland/Greenland in Detail

North Pole

Travel to the North Pole—one of the remotest regions on Earth—for a spectacular top-of-the-world adventure. Board a nuclear-powered icebreaker ship to power your way to 90° North latitude. Enjoy sightseeing above your ship from a helicopter excursion. On your journey, keep an eye out for the majestic polar bear, ringed seals, arctic fox and seabirds. A North Pole tour is a magical experience had by only a handful of intrepid travelers... Read about North Pole in Detail

Canadian Arctic

Adventure awaits you in the Canadian Arctic. Go on your own quest for the Northwest Passage, the gateway to the North Pole. Marvel at the sight of narwhal, orca, walrus, seals and whales. Lose yourself in dramatic fjords, the mystique of native traditions, and among snowy owls, falcons, and tundra swans. Take a Baffin Island cruise to the fifth largest island in the world—in search of polar bears, grizzlies, wolves, caribou and musk oxen. Challenge your camera skills as you capture a brilliant white arctic fox against glittering white snow. A Canadian Arctic cruise unleashes the adventurer in you... Read about Canadian Arctic in Detail