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The Northwest Passage – Greenland to Alaska

Arctic Cruise

Summary : Set sail for the Far North, well beyond the Arctic Circle, to a legendary, highly coveted maritime route: the Northwest Passage, the only possible shipping route between the Atlantic and the Pacific. In winter, this “roof of the world” is transformed into a majestic white desert; while in summer, for a few short weeks, the temperature raises enough for the ice to melt. Life reappears, nature is reborn, the mythical route is finally free and you can breathe in the refreshing scent of adventure. Watch for amazing wildlife: foxes, seabird colonies, bowhead whales, orcas, walruses, and possibly polar bears.

Activities : Birding, Child-Friendly, Culture, Hiking, Triple/Quad Cabins


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Day 1
Paris, France / Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Board your flight in Paris taking you to Kangerlussuaq where the ship awaits your arrival. Embark your vessel for introductions to experienced crew and fellow travelers. Settle in to life on board as your cruise begins its voyage.

Day 2 – 3
Sisimiut / Ilulissat / Disko Bay

At the heart of Disko Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ilulissat Icefjord provides an extraordinary spectacle of surreal beauty. Sculptural icebergs continue on their timeless journey, shimmering with eternal light. Vast pieces of ice break off from the bergs rejoining the inexorable movement of the sea. Close by lies the town of Ilulissat, the region’s principal destination. Encircled by icebergs, it has retained a unique mix of traditional Arctic life, with multicolored wooden houses, huskies and leather tanners who still use the ancient methods of their ancestors.

Day 4 – 5
Day 6
Savissivik, Greenland

North Greenland reveals remote villages of peat houses where the last bear hunters and narwhal fishers live following their ancestral traditions in the Arctic tundra. Discover Savissivik, the largest “iceberg graveyard” in Greenland, while exploring the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Day 7
Pond Inlet, Canada

Situated like a custodian on Baffin Island's northern edge, Pond Inlet guards over the entrance to the legendary Northwest Passage. Ancient Inuit ancestors, the Thule, left behind numerous archaeological artifacts. Discover unique landscapes of snow-capped mountain ranges and ice-blue glaciers whose vertiginous flows descend into the ocean. Enjoy the magical summer sun that never sets below the horizon. Cruise past bird colonies and marvel at Bylot Island, an uninhabited "Garden of Eden".

Day 8 – 10
Beechy Island / Fury Beach / Qariaraqyuk / Bellot Strait

Beechey Island, looking across at the huge silhouette of Cape Riley, at the eastern end of Resolute Bay, will call to mind some of the most important moments of Franklin’s expedition. Sir John set off in 1845 in search of the mythical Northwest Passage and was forced to take shelter in Erebus Harbor for two long years, while he waited for the ice floes to recede and allow him a way through. It is a spectacular location; seeing the three wooden grave markers, bleached by the sun (indicating the burial places of at least three of Captain Franklin’s men) and visiting the memorial that has been erected in memory of Franklin and his men can only reinforce the hushed sense of reverence. Be impressed by the surrounding wilderness with the ochre and yellow hues of the rocky desert softening the striking landscape.

During the 15th century, linking Europe and Asia by the sea became the grail of generations of explorers and adventurers. Explore this remote region where passion and the spirit of adventure abound. The Bay of Cambridge is one of the mythical sites in this region. Look towards the horizon, way off on the other side of the fjord, and visualize the silhouette of the Maud, Captain Roald Amundsen’s famous three-master. When she got trapped here after partially sinking, it was a chance for the famous navigator to explore the Northeast Passage near the Siberian coast between 1918 and 1920. Though today we can still see part of her hull breaking the surface, repatriation to Norway is being envisaged, to make the Maud the centerpiece of a new Museum.

Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14 – 15
Day 16
Day 17
At Sea

Explore the ship and enjoy time to take advantage of onboard amenities. Relax in the spa, read in the library, workout in the fitness center, enjoy a delicious meal, or watch incredible views from the panoramic lounge.

Day 18 – 19
Herschel Island / Point Barrow

The Canadian Arctic Archipelago is composed of a myriad of islands with jagged coastlines and reveals landscapes only seen at this far end of the world. Discover the small Canadian island of Herschel, a frozen paradise located in the Beaufort Sea just 2 km off the coast of the Yukon within Ivvavik National Park. During a long mapping expedition in 1826, Sir John Franklin was the first European to lay eyes on these unique places and their inhabitants, the Inuvialuit. It was during this trip that he named the island after one of his friends, John Herschel, a brilliant British astronomer and scientist. Herschel Island is a landmark in the West Arctic and has since served alternately as a whaling station, a relay station and a refuge for travelers. As summer approaches, the soft glow of twilight begins to break the opacity of the polar night, and the hours of darkness get shorter and shorter. Set off in the wake of the great explorers, to discover a remote land, its people and cultures, and experience unique moments and rare emotions in landscapes you will not find anywhere else.

Day 20
At Sea

Explore the ship and enjoy time to take advantage of onboard amenities. Relax in the spa, read in the library, workout in the fitness center, enjoy a delicious meal, or watch incredible views from the panoramic lounge.

Day 21
Day 22
Day 23
Nome, Alaska / Seattle, Washington

Disembark the vessel and transfer to the airport for your flight to Seattle.


Read this itinerary as a guide only; the exact route and program varies according to ice and weather conditions - and the wildlife you encounter. Flexibility is the key to the success of this expedition. ExpeditionTrips.com is not responsible for itinerary changes.

Travel Insurance:
ExpeditionTrips strongly recommends Emergency Medical/Evacuation coverage for trips which includes coverage for cancellation, trip disruption, baggage and personal property. Other conditions may apply based on pre-existing conditions. ExpeditionTrips can assist U.S. residents with travel protection options.

Flights from Paris/Kangerlussuaq and Nome/Seattle in Economy-class as per itinerary; meet and greet by representatives at the destination airport, transfers from Kangerlussuaq airport to ship; transfer from ship to Nome airport; all meals on board the ship; Captain’s welcome cocktail and gala dinner; organized entertainment and events; mineral water, tea, filter coffee, a selection of white, red and rosé wines offered during meals; afternoon tea; open bar (pouring wines, house champagne, alcohol except premium brands); port and safety taxes; gratuities; luggage transfer from pier to the ship and vice versa; 24-hour room service (special selection); butler service is included for guests staying in Deck 6 Suites; parka; boot rental. Subject to change without notice.

Not Included:
Airfare except flights mentioned as included; any ground services before and/or after the cruise other than the ones included; visa and passport fees; travel insurance; personal expenses such as onboard medical consultations and drug prescriptions, spa, Wi-Fi, laundry and hair salon; other drinks not included in open bar; fuel surcharge may apply.

Photo Credit: © Servane Roy-Berton, © Nathalie Michel, © Lorraine Turci, © Ponant

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