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Realm of the Polar Bear – Svalbard In-Depth

Experience the spectacular beauty and unique wildlife of the Arctic, from sculpted glaciers and snow-capped mountains to mighty polar bears and massive walrus. Embrace your expedition spirit, as you explore the stunning landscape of Svalbard in the company of expert guides aboard a comfortable expedition ship with kayaking option.

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Q&A with Shelley Fry

Glaciers calve with a thunderous crash, polar bears lumber over ice floes, walruses laze in the sun, and seabirds soar overhead as your ship cuts through frigid waters. This is the Arctic—untamed frozen world which is changing before our eyes.

ExpeditionTrips' Shelley Fry talks about her adventures in Spitsbergen. Learn why the Arctic is one of her all-time favorite destinations on the planet. Read more


"The staff made the trip perfect!"

"I would rate you a resounding 10 out of 10 and will recommend you to others! Every contact I had with your company was terrific! The trip absolutely exceeded all of my expectations! The staff was exceptional!!! The naturalists were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and really appeared to love sharing their information about wildlife, flora, etc. with others. The National Geographic photographers were awesome and shared their insights and experience freely. The staff made the trip perfect!"

- Catherine and Philip D.; Eden Prairie, MN (Land of the Ice Bears, National Geographic Explorer)

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Your Arctic Experts

Founded by former expedition leaders, we are your Arctic Experts specializing in small ship expeditions and Churchill polar bear tours. Explore the remote inlets in Spitsbergen, view polar bears from the tundra buggies in Canada, or venture to the North Pole on an Icebreaker. Our Arctic experts have traveled to the Arctic numerous times and offer extensive in-depth knowledge and the highest level of personal service to help you compare, contrast, and select the right trip. This is a trip of a lifetime--make the right choice!

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