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Antarctica Cruise & Tour Information

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica-bound! Discover the last pristine wilderness on earth in utmost comfort and in the long, mild days of the austral summer (Nov-Mar) when the wildlife breeding cycle is at its peak. Feel the thrill of first footsteps ashore—where else are you welcomed by thousands of fearless and fuzzy penguin chicks? Cruise among glittering ice sculptures and listen for the thunderous sounds of a calving glaciers. Hike along beaches covered with curious seals, explore wild coves and inlets by Zodiac, and kayak at eye level with graceful whales. An Antarctic cruise is truly an adventure you’ll be trying to describe for the rest of your life... Read about Antarctic Peninsula in Detail

Antarctica/Falklands/S Georgia

For those in search of the last pristine wilderness, this is the gold standard of Antarctica cruises. It’s a wildlife extravaganza that defies imagination and a journey into otherworldly landscapes of blue sculpted ice and sky-scraping mountains—in total comfort, and at the time when the world glitters late into the Austral summer evenings. On foot, by Zodiac, in kayaks...thrill to the sights and sounds of hundreds of thousands of penguins, of beaches littered with huge elephant seals and wriggling newborn fur seal pups, of skies filled with millions of noisy seabirds, and of a world only the true explorer will ever know... Read about Antarctica/Falklands/S Georgia in Detail

South Georgia

Come to the only place on Earth where you can hike to a sweeping shore literally covered with thousands of king penguins... feel the investigative nuzzle of a young elephant seal as its portly two-ton parents sweetly slumber nearby... pay graveside homage to the heroic feats of Sir Ernest Shackleton... and feel the wind beneath the 11-foot wingspan of a wandering albatross as it achieves lift-off. A South Georgia cruise is a feast for the senses and a chance to commune with the astonishing wildlife that inhabits this land of luminous blue ice, soaring mountains and pristine shores... Read about South Georgia in Detail

Ross Sea

Cruise deep into the heart of Antarctica—into the southernmost region of the continent accessible by ship—and explore a dramatic wilderness of glaciers and tabular icebergs that’s impermeable for most of the year. Though raw and capricious conditions prevail, the array of wildlife in the Ross Sea—whales, seals and seabirds—is mind-boggling. This is the rare chance to commune with emperor penguins in their natural habitat (at certain times of the season), to humbly stand before the hut sites of explorers Scott and Shackleton, and to experience an ethereal frozen world very few travelers are privileged to visit... Read about Ross Sea in Detail

Falkland Islands

The scenically stunning Falkland Islands are the only place on Earth where humans and five species of penguins share the same backyard. Take a hike on the wild side for camera-ready close-ups—and an amazing soundtrack!—of gentoo, Magellanic, macaroni, rockhopper and king penguin colonies. Zip into secret coves by Zodiac where massive elephant seals haul out on the beach and piles of fur seal pups wrestle in the sand. And join the hardy, hospitable locals in a Port Stanley pub in a toast to this magical, unforgettable corner of the world... Read about Falkland Islands in Detail