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Tips for Stress Free Travel

Beth Mercier

Tips for Stress Free Travel

Beth Mercier

Travel can be entertaining, relaxing and awe-inspiring. Whether traveling to the sandy beaches of the Galapagos Islands, the beautiful frozen icebergs of Antarctica, or anywhere in between, the potential for stress is present. ExpeditionTrips has compiled a list of helpful tips to help reduce stress and have the best trip possible while traveling:

Plan Ahead – When Should I Book my Trip?

Planning a trip is a difficult task in itself. Often we have the intention of planning our dream vacation: computer on, map on the desk, but then one thing or another distracts our attention. Certain factors such as cost, schedule and logistics can present obstacles, causing us to re-prioritize or delay our vacation of a lifetime. We at ExpeditionTrips absolutely understand and are here to help you get to your dream destination with the following tips for planning your trip:

  • Last Minute vs. Early Booking. Due to the small size of the ships, Expeditionary-style trips can sell out quickly. Although last minute deals are a great find, cabin space can be very limited if one waits until the last minute to book. We recommend beginning your research 6-12 months ahead of trip departure for optimal cabin availability (Arctic plan on 12-24 months). If you are planning your trip in less than the recommended time frame, have your preferred dates in mind as well as the dates on which you need to leave or return home. The added level of service with ExpeditionTrips is that we offer you the best variety of trip choices available and help you evaluate which trip is right for you based on your preferences and needs.

Pack Accordingly / Stay Organized – Handling the Stresses of International Travel

When handling the many details of your upcoming voyage, simple tasks such as packing and getting your tickets organized may seem daunting. At ExpeditionTrips, we work as a team. Every client has a dedictated Program Manager and Travel Coordinator who will assist you with all of your packing needs and remind you about necessary trip documents. Here are some ways that our team can help you:

  • Pack smart.  Before your trip, make a long list of every item that you will want to bring to ensure you don’t forget anything. When booking with ExpeditionTrips we will provide you with a detailed packing list of the recommended items that you will need on your specific trip. When possible, consolidate your luggage into carry-on size suitcases. If you can avoid checking your bags, you will avoid potential loss. Remember to pack all liquids in 3.4 oz containers or less and put in 1 quart, clear zip top bag so you can get through the airport security checks with ease:
  • Plan Your Itinerary. If you will be traveling via cruise ship, arriving at least 1-2 days early is always recommended. Delayed flights, lost baggage and many other factors can cause travelers to miss their trip. When planning your trip, stay at least 1 night prior to embarkation in the port city. If you are flying a long distance to connect, break up the flying into two days. Give yourself the time to truly take the experience in and let your body settle after traveling a long way.

At ExpeditionTrips, we work directly with the shipping companies to coordinate your itinerary so that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience. Leading up to your trip, we will send you an organized pre-departure packet, with a full itinerary, contact numbers for the ship staff and any information relating to your airfare, airport transfers, hotel and cruise details.

Above all – Enjoy It!

Remember that stressors do come with traveling, but being prepared and organized is a great way to balance the unpredictable. No matter what happens, remind yourself that this is an amazing journey of a lifetime and enjoy it!

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