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Antarctica aboard the MS Expedition: 7 Reasons

Antarctica aboard the MS Expedition: 7 Reasons

Come for the penguins, glaciers, whales and the distinct serenity of the winter wonderland that is Antarctica. Stay aboard the comfortable and well-appointed MS Expedition, and remember it for a lifetime. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Small Ship, Enormous Adventure

Awestruck reactions are commonplace aboard the MS Expedition. The recently renovated ship is among the most comfortable and spacious expedition ships in its class, with large common areas and observation decks for superior views. This safe, fast, and stable ship delivers you to some of our planet’s most breathtaking sights, with a professional and highly-skilled expedition team that offers keen insight and unique personal perspectives you can’t get from a guidebook.

2. Experience Earth's Frozen Frontier

Painted in a hundred shades of white and blue, the landscape is as beautiful as it is forbidding: immense glaciers, saw-toothed mountains, colossal icebergs, and fields of ice that stretch on forever. Despite feeling like the end of the earth, penguins, whales, seals, and seabirds thrive here in this frozen frontier.

3. Insight of Expedition Experts

The MS Expedition has one of the highest ratios of expedition team members to guests. With one expert for every ten guests, there is always someone nearby to answer your questions and provide greater insight into this corner of the world at its extreme. The expedition team is comprised of deeply knowledgeable historians, marine biologists, and naturalists who offer wonderful education programming and personal expertise to each and every voyage. Meet the Antarctica expert Susan Adie—the veteran Expedition Leader aboard MS Expedition!

4. If You Got Any Closer, You'd Need Fins

Feeling adventurous? Both sea kayaking and camping ashore provide the opportunities to encounter the power of the polar regions from truly unique vantage points. Surround yourself with the sounds of heaving ice, the fresh scent of the sea, and the crystal clear stars of Antarctica’s night—nothing gets you closer to the humbling forces of nature than spending a night on the shore of the Great White Continent! Kayaking isn’t just an outdoor adventure – it’s an opportunity to experience this remote region from the water’s reflective surface.

5. Plant Your Flag

Each day in Antarctica presents a new discovery, whether you’re cruising through ice-choked waterways, trekking through chattering penguin rookeries, or catching views of minke and humpback whales breaching in the pristine waters. The Zodiac team of the Expedition ensures you can plant your flag ashore and explore the floe edge, whilst encountering seabirds and their charming chicks, pack ice spotted with lazing seals, and spectacular icebergs and landscapes. One of the most exciting parts of any expedition is true immersion into your surroundings, which daily Zodiac adventures provide!

6. Pro Photography Tips

Each Expedition trip comes with a resident photography expert to help you capture the best possible photos on your trip. Your onboard photographer will host lectures and workshops, and teach you all the tips and tricks to help you take better photos or brush up on your technique to capture your trip of a lifetime.

7. Your Expedition Parka!

All Expedition polar passengers receive their own complementary parka! Wear your Antarctic gear with pride!

The 132-passenger Expedition provides an intimate small ship cruising experience. Join an extraordinary adventure (at an unreasonably reasonable price). You’ll return home a different person than when you left. Early booking discounts available for 2015 / 16 departures. Contact an Expedition Specialist for details!

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