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Antarctic Peninsula

Jennifer Santoyo

Luxury Expedition Ship
Le Lyrial Antarctica

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Antarctic Peninsula

Jennifer Santoyo

I cannot begin to describe all the wonders of my time in Antarctica aboard Le Lyrial, an all-inclusive luxury vessel that is on par with many 5-star hotels. From the officers, to the décor and the international cuisine matched with fine French wines, you’re floating in finery during your grand adventure.

Even though there were days when the skies were moodier, I was fortunate enough to be greeted by blue skies and sunshine too.

This was my second trip to the shimmering white continent. Traveling in late November, my hopes were to experience its epic sea ice—and it didn’t disappoint. After the long, cold winter, the landscape is covered in a fresh blanket of snow and ice, leaving everything looking clean, pristine, and otherworldly.

The food was wonderfully proportioned with excellent waitstaff in the main dining room, and there was also a buffet option on the sixth deck. Room service was available if you were seeking solitude—just one of the fantastic included perks of sailing aboard Le Lyrial. At each meal red, white, and rosé wines were offered (also included!). The staff was always attentive to any dietary restrictions or requests.

You were never far away from penguins. Active, and always providing a delightful element of the unexpected, you could watch them surf into land on an ocean wave, or delight in their specialty of synchronized downhill belly slides!

Add to that the endless birds in flight, nesting cormorants, graceful whales, and lounging seals, and you are in for a real wildlife treat.

Antarctica truly is the trip of a lifetime—there’s no other place like it on Earth. If I've inspired you to go, I assure you, you’ll leave the white continent feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and in awe of our planet. Most of all, you’ll be ready to go back—again and again. I certainly am (and did!).

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