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Antarctic Peninsula

Emily Chase

  • Emily in Antarctica
    Emily in Antarctica
  • View of the Corinthian II from shore
    View of the Corinthian II from shore
  • Penguin playing hide-and-seek
    Penguin playing hide-and-seek
  • Zodiac cruising
    Zodiac cruising
  • Chinstrap rookery
    Chinstrap rookery
  • Sitting amongst the penguins
    Sitting amongst the penguins
  • Weddell seal napping
    Weddell seal napping
  • Our first shore landing
    Our first shore landing
  • Vernadsky station
    Vernadsky station
  • Lemaire Channel at sunset
    Lemaire Channel at sunset
  • Port Lockroy
    Port Lockroy
  • Our first hike!
    Our first hike!
  • Iceberg cruising
    Iceberg cruising
  • Penguins ice-berg cruising
    Penguins ice-berg cruising
  • Lazy seal amongst all the action
    Lazy seal amongst all the action
  • Post-Polar Plunge!
    Post-Polar Plunge!
  • Zodiac cruising near glaciers
    Zodiac cruising near glaciers
  • Iceberg near Port Lockroy
    Iceberg near Port Lockroy
  • Lemaire Channel
    Lemaire Channel
  • More icebergs!
    More icebergs!
  • Leopard seal sunbathing
    Leopard seal sunbathing
  • More beautiful sunsets...
    More beautiful sunsets...

Luxury Expedition Ship

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Antarctic Peninsula

Emily Chase

Once we embarked the Corinthian, I knew I would be comfortable calling this luxury ship home for the next 11 days. The ship was comfortable, with spacious rooms and living areas, a great upper viewing deck, quaint library, piano lounge and bar, and large lecture room. She even had a hot-tub on-board that was filled for use once we had arrived in Antarctica!

The infamous 'Drake Shake' that I had heard so much about, turned out to be the 'Drake Lake', and because of this we made great time on our two day journey cruising in the vast open seas. When the captain sighted the first iceberg, I officially knew that I wasn't dreaming anymore! As we got closer, I noticed that it appeared to be speckled with tiny black dots... after looking more closely, I soon realized that the tiny black dots weren't just any dots, they were penguins! These were the first of thousands that we would see while on this incredible journey.

The 'Polar Plunge' was a must-do on my list. I had never imagined I would actually take part in a 'polar plunge,' but I knew that I would never be able to live it down if I hadn't, especially since the sun had peered its head out for the occasion.

One aspect that I thoroughly enjoyed was that there was never a shortage of activities to do on the Corinthian. Whether it was having the opportunity to head out on a Zodiac adventure twice a day, listening to an educational lecture from one of our inspiring knowledgeable guides or guest speakers, or watching the multiple episodes of 'Life in the Freezer' down in the lecture room, the decision was always yours as to whether or not you wanted to participate. Afternoon tea was a favorite upstairs in the lounge because I found myself enjoying listening to the piano player in the background while I gazed out the window watching hundreds of icebergs dance by to the melodies that were playing inside. One of the most special moments for me was standing up on the bridge watching the captain carefully navigate through the multiple icebergs that were hugging us in the Lemaire Channel. As I was quietly observing this, I was also taking in the breathtakingly spectacular mountains, watching them slowly pass me by as the sun was setting behind them, leaving only silhouettes in the pink and orange sky. I then realized at that point there was nowhere else I would have rather been; I was truly living a dream.

I honestly can't pinpoint just one favorite part of my trip, as each moment was an entirely different experience from the next, but I certainly can name a few... hill sliding in my Wellington boots, afternoon iceberg cruising in Zodiacs, sunny hikes in the snow, visiting multiple gentoo, adelie and chinstrap penguin colonies, watching and listening to glaciers calve in the sea, playing hide and seek with leopard seals in zodiacs, and cruising alongside a family of humpback whales that you could almost reach out and touch. The scenery, deep rich colors, sounds and smells were like nothing I had ever experienced before, and will be memories that will last with me forever. There aren't many people who can say that they plopped themselves down in the middle of a smelly penguin rookery, only to get pecked at by curious penguin chicks passing by!

Words cannot begin to accurately describe the life-changing, fascinating voyage I experienced. So, if you find yourself sitting at home wondering if an Antarctica cruise really is for you, give us a call! I wish everyone could be presented with the opportunity to explore all that this indescribable white continent sitting at the end of the Earth has to offer, because it truly is an experience of a lifetime.

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