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Antarctic Peninsula – Classic Air-Cruise

Marybeth Coghill

Expedition Ship
Ocean Nova (Air-Cruise)

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Antarctic Peninsula – Classic Air-Cruise

Marybeth Coghill

As our plane landed on King George Island, I was immediately in complete awe of the dramatic landscape, the crisp cool air, and the ever-present wildlife of Antarctica. Having skipped the Drake Passage crossing by flying from Punta Arenas, Chile to King George Island, our group was able to hop aboard the Ocean Nova and set sail along the Antarctica Peninsula in just a few short hours.

Venturing out to explore the landscape, our first landing at Brown Bluff was teeming with Gentoo and Adélie penguins, including chicks. I spent hours watching the penguins waddle about investigating their surroundings—they were just as curious as we were.

Our Zodiac cruise around Gourdin Island was a pleasant surprise as it was packed to the brim with penguins! We floated alongside them as they darted through the water, crested the surface, and scrambled onto the rocky shore.

Leopard seals slithered through the water and right up to our Zodiac, inquisitively glancing our way. It was an action-filled cruise around the island that I’ll never forget.

The icebergs were the show-stoppers, each one more beautiful than the next. While exploring Cierva Cove, we drifted through a cluster and encountered a glassy one floating in the dark water. Spectacularly clear with shades of blue and grey, it was mesmerizing to watch it bob in the water, appearing to change colors right before our eyes.

Every moment on the White Continent was remarkable—the experience of a lifetime. Antarctica is truly an explorer's dream!

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