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Antarctic Peninsula Adventure

Jennifer Santoyo

Research Ship

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Antarctic Peninsula Adventure

Jennifer Santoyo

How do you share your thoughts about a place that defies description – a place vital to our planet, one that very few will ever see with their own eyes? I had the opportunity to explore such a place, one of the last true untouched wildernesses on the planet – Antarctica.

I traveled to Antarctica aboard the ice-strengthened vessel the Plancius – which offers adventurous activities such as kayaking and camping. From the glassy stillness of the water, the sound of nearby ice crackling, and the tranquility that overwhelms you – both activities provided a unique and unparalleled perspective on the destination.

During our expedition, we met many new friends – curious seals resting on the ice, wandering albatrosses soaring behind our ship, and majestic whales circling our ship as the sun set. Each encounter acted as a gentle reminder of Antarctica’s untamed wilderness.

But the real stars of the show were the adorable penguins who covered the vastness with so much character and personality. Their quirky antics and simplistic way of living brought out genuine smiles.

At the end, one of the greatest rewards of this epic adventure was sharing this special place with my fiancé over the holiday season.

Antarctica captured both of our hearts!

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