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Antarctic Adventure aboard the MS Expedition

Antarctic Adventure aboard the MS Expedition

So pristine and remote, Antarctica barely feels like it’s part of Earth at all, and it’s that very otherworldliness that appeals to the adventurous souls who come here. Painted in shades of white and blue, the landscape is beautiful and intriguing: mammoth glaciers, saw-toothed mountains, colossal icebergs, and fields of ice that stretch on forever. Yet life—penguins, whales, and seabirds—finds a way to thrive here.

One of the most exciting parts of any expedition is getting up close and personal with your surroundings. Aboard the MS Expedition, you'll enjoy daily Zodiac adventures and have hiking opportunities, plus you may opt to add one of the kayaking or camping adventure options available on select departures.

Zodiac Rides
The Zodiac team of the Expedition will go to work so you can plant your flag ashore and explore the floe edge. Encounter seabirds and their charming chicks, seals lazing on the pack ice, cliffs sporting a myriad of life, and spectacular icebergs and landscapes. The ship's fleet of 14 Zodiacs enables passengers to travel safely and quickly from ship to shore for uniquely personal encounters with awe-inspiring wilderness and wildlife. Almost every day you’ll find yourself jumping aboard a Zodiac, and on each departure you will be accompanied by a team of experts whose education and experience combine to provide you with a greater understanding of this incredible region.

Go eye to eye with an inquisitive whale—it’s a rare and special moment that will imbed itself into your memory. Kayaking isn’t just an outdoor adventure, it’s an opportunity to experience Antarctica from another vantage point. A limited number of lucky adventurers will venture out to sheltered bays and areas known for calmer waters to take part in group kayaking trips led by experienced, skilled leaders. No other activity gets you as close to the natural environment! Kayaking excursions are dependent on weather, but kayakers aboard the Expedition can expect around four trips per cruise.

Travel Blogger Sherry Ott shares her experience kayaking in Antarctica.

Polar Camping
If you're feeling mighty adventurous (you're in Antarctica!), consider adding a camping excursion. Before you ask yourself why, ask "Why not?" What better way to really be part of the Antarctic experience than by camping on the continent? Follow in the footsteps of bold explorers and experience this land’s awe-inspiring splendors first hand. The Antarctica camping experience aboard the Expedition includes time to enjoy the beauty of Antarctica near your campsite with ample photography options. Experience the sounds of heaving ice, the fresh scent of the sea, and the sight of brilliant stars at night—nothing gets you closer to the forces of nature than spending a night ashore! But be sure to book early, because space on the ice is limited!

For the more adventurous, kayaking and camping trips provide the opportunity to encounter the intimacy and power of the polar regions in ways very few travelers will ever experience. Space is limited, however, so be certain to book in advance. Simply call us to inquire about adding kayaking or camping excursions to your Antarctic cruise, and your Expedition Specialist will add your choice of optional extras.*

*Based on availability, select departures only. Contact ExpeditionTrips for details.

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