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Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure

Marybeth Coghill

Expedition Ship
Chichagof Dream

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Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure

Marybeth Coghill

Spending a week aboard the Chichagof Dream was a spectacular adventure through the wonders of Southeast Alaska. The various landscapes of 'The Last Frontier' kept us on our toes, from the lush wilderness of Glacier Bay to the jagged cliffs of Tracy Arm Fjord.

Turquoise water seen during Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure

Midweek through the expedition, I felt as though I had been transported to another world: The day before, we explored Petersburg—a quaint historic fishing town with a strong Norwegian influence tucked away on the northern point of Mitkof Island in Frederick Sound. The following morning, I woke to the vibrant turquoise glacier waters of Tracy Arm Fjord skimming by my cabin window.

The turquoise water of Tracy Arm Fjord seen from the ship during Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure

Our vessel hummed along towards the glacier as I gazed out the window in wonder at the mist-shrouded, jagged rock slopes. Hundreds of waterfalls cascaded into milky blue glacier water littered with iceberg bits. It felt like a dream. The ship came so close, we were able to see the deep colors of freshly-calved ice on the face of the glacier. It was breathtaking!

The Chichagof Dream approaches a glacier

We came upon a group of humpback whales bubble-net feeding as the ship made its way through Frederick Sound. Everyone was outside on deck, “oohing” and “aahing” as these large marine mammals worked together through orchestrated calls and choreographed movements to feed.

A few crew members on a Zodiac placed a hydrophone underwater to play the whales’ calls through a walkie talkie which the captain broadcasted through the ship's speakers. This allowed everyone to listen along as the whales moved through the water. The ship stayed in place for hours as we watched these captivating creatures—it’s a moment I’ll never forget!

A group of whales bubble net feeding

We enjoyed dinner as the humpbacks continued bubble-net feeding just outside our windows. The delectable food aboard the Chichagof Dream was an absolute delight. My favorite meal was the Captain’s dinner on the last night of the journey with a delicious filet mignon and an entire table of desserts made by the on-board baker.

A delicious filet mignon for dinner

Every meal—even breakfast—was plated. There was a choice of fresh local seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which we saw the chef purchasing from boats in town. Lots of salmon, halibut, and crab. Care went into each plate. The staff was always attentive to any dietary restrictions or requests. Watching the enchanting coastlines of Southeast Alaska drift by outside while we enjoyed scrumptious meals aboard the ship was a phenomenal experience.

A curious seal looks up from the ice

Alaska is truly wild! I will never forget my time spent exploring its natural wonders and wildlife aboard the Chichagof Dream.

A curious seal looks up from the ice

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