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Chris Myers

Chris grew up in the woods and waterways near the Chesapeake Bay. Fishing, camping and canoeing from an early age led to a passion for adventures in the natural world. After moving west to Oregon, the urge to travel became too much to resist and Chris bought a backpack and a ticket to Europe. He returned to the Pacific Northwest three years later after traveling around the world, counterclockwise. Since that time, he has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and the Americas following his mother’s advice to “never take the same road twice." When a chance to work on expedition vessels in the polar regions presented itself, Chris could not resist. After a few years and dozens of trips to the Arctic and Antarctica, he finally decided to settle down in Seattle and enjoy adventures closer to home. As an avid rock climber, skier and backcountry adventurer, Chris loves living in the wild and beautiful Pacific Northwest. Since joining the ExpeditionTrips team, Chris channels his still-powerful wanderlust into helping others achieve their travel dreams.

My Trip Reviews
Galapagos: Observations from an Experienced Antarctic Traveler
Svalbard: Land of the Polar Bear

My Photo Galleries
Arctic Svalbard

My Travel Experience

Antarctica, Arctic, Argentina, Belize, Caribbean, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, England, Falkland Islands, French Polynesia, Germany, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Ireland, Kiribati, Mexico (including Baja), Namibia, the Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, South Georgia, Spain, Svalbard, Tahiti, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, most of continental United States plus Alaska and Hawaii, Uruguay, Zambia

My Favorite Trips
Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia
Land of the Ice Bears – An In-Depth Exploration of Arctic Svalbard
Galapagos Classic – Endeavour II

What My Clients Are Saying

"Chris did a great job of ensuring that everything was taken care of for me and made sure that everything was properly completed and the trip went off without any hitches."
- Ken C; Neconset, NY

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