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Our Team

Ashton Palmer Founder & President

At age 18, Ashton left his native town of Sutton Coldfield, England, with a one-way ticket to Australia via Bangkok. He has never looked back. Since then, Ashton has pursued his childhood dreams of travel all over the world, along the way becoming an expedition leader, guide, naturalist, conservationist, Zodiac driver, bird-watcher, and photographer. Read More

Meg Rio Director of Operations

Meg grew up in a suburb of Seattle. At the age of 16, she spent a summer in Germany and fell in love with the opportunity to view the world through the new lenses that different cultures and vantage points provide. At 18, she made the 3,000 mile move east to attend Vassar College in New York’s Hudson Valley. Read More

Chris Myers Sales Manager

Chris grew up in the woods and waterways near the Chesapeake Bay. Fishing, camping and canoeing from an early age led to a passion for adventures in the natural world. After moving west to Oregon, the urge to travel became too much to resist and Chris bought a backpack and a ticket to Europe. Read More

Jennifer Santoyo Travel Advisor

With an open mind, positive attitude and adventurous spirit, Jennifer has wandered off the beaten path and allowed her own curiosities to be her guide throughout her ventures. She has trekked the Outback, dived the Great Barrier Reef, journeyed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, witnessed the rising sun atop Mount Fuji, and ice climbed the challenging walls of Fox Glacier. Read More

Tom Mountford Travel Advisor

Originally from Staffordshire, England, Tom first started traveling when he accepted a diplomatic posting with the UK Foreign Service in Mumbai. After three years of living, working, and traveling around the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, Tom relocated to Shanghai for his second overseas assignment. Read More

Paul Hopp Travel Advisor

A native Seattleite, Paul grew up with a love of the magnificent Pacific Northwest. His natural-born curiosity led him to travel to Europe for three months during his studies at the University of Washington. After completing his degree, he worked for a tech company for nearly four years until his growing wanderlust became too much to bear. Read More

Amanda Parshall Logistics Manager

After spending her childhood in a small town in Maine, Amanda was ready to break out and explore the world! That exploration started with a cross-country road trip the summer after graduating high school. The spirit and character she felt during her one-day stop in Seattle was the only inspiration she needed to pack up her life and move to the Emerald City. Read More

Marybeth Coghill Travel Advisor

Marybeth’s interest in travel was sparked during a high school trip to Italy and Greece. While exploring the historic ruins of Greece and enjoying the many flavors of gelato in Italy, she knew traveling the wonders of the world was in her future. Read More

Sarah Davenport Travel Advisor

Sarah is a proud Midwest native and semi-recent Seattle transplant, moving to the Emerald City in the summer of 2013 to pursue interests in the arts and theatre. Her love of travel was cemented with a five-month stay in the Emerald Isle to study Irish music and culture at the University of Ireland Maynooth, with frequent excursions to experience the countryside and coasts. Read More

Shelley Fry Marketing and Media Manager

Shelley believes that penguins can change lives! She first discovered ExpeditionTrips as a client planning to visit penguins in Antarctica. A few months after her fantastic voyage to The Ice, Shelley packed up her business background to join the ExpeditionTrips crew. An independent-minded traveler, Shelley thrives on researching destinations and seeking out unique experiences. Read More

April Petersen Accounts Department Manager

April received her first taste of international travel while still a teenager, volunteering with community service organizations in Europe. During the next several years, she explored the world on board expedition cruise ships working in retail and management positions. Her travels have taken her to such places as Antarctica, South America, Galapagos Islands, and Alaska. Read More

Sabrina Yoshitomi Accounts Manager

When people meet Sabrina, they get an instant shot of her high energy, positive attitude, and outgoing personality! As someone who enjoys math and loves building relationships, she has pursued a career path combining her number crunching skills with her desire to help others and her passion for travel. Read More

Sara Hutchings Accounts Manager

Having moved to Seattle from Salt Lake City in 2003, Sara found her home in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not keeping the accounting team on their toes, you will find her camping, hiking, fishing, crabbing, and gardening! Read More