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Our Story

  • Ashton working in Antarctica
    Ashton working in Antarctica
  • South Georgia Island
    South Georgia Island
  • Ashton, Peruvian Amazon
    Ashton, Peruvian Amazon
  • Peru (Photo: Ashton Palmer)
    Peru (Photo: Ashton Palmer)
  • On assignment, Galapagos
    On assignment, Galapagos
  • Whale watching in Antarctica
    Whale watching in Antarctica
  • Meg in Alaska
    Meg in Alaska
  • Betsy paddles Antarctica
    Betsy paddles Antarctica
  • Shelley capturing Svalbard
    Shelley capturing Svalbard
  • April in Alaska
    April in Alaska
  • Amanda explores the Amazon
    Amanda explores the Amazon
  • Abby's Arctic Adventure
    Abby's Arctic Adventure
  • Jennifer in the Tundra
    Jennifer in the Tundra
  • Jessica in Ecuador
    Jessica in Ecuador
  • Alison in Quito, Ecuador
    Alison in Quito, Ecuador
  • Aubree at the Grand Canyon
    Aubree at the Grand Canyon
  • Olivia in Baja
    Olivia in Baja
  • Jennifer at Machu Picchu
    Jennifer at Machu Picchu
  • Chris in South Georgia
    Chris in South Georgia

ExpeditionTrips helps you find, research, and plan trips to our planet’s most awe-inspiring destinations, by both land and sea, and we have personally researched, selected and experienced the trips we recommend.

Founded in 1999 by former expedition leaders, naturalists, and guides, our mission is to help you experience the trip of the lifetime. Through our partnerships with the world’s highest quality tour operators, we offer the best and most comprehensive collection of adventures, as well as special savings and offers often available only through ExpeditionTrips.

Our team of travel experts—former expedition leaders, naturalists, and world travelers—have over 100 years collective experience leading and planning expeditions worldwide. We have traveled to Antarctica over 100 times, lived and worked in Alaska, the Amazon, Costa Rica, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and make it a point to visit the Galapagos Islands each year. Our firsthand knowledge and personal experiences enable us to fulfill the travel dreams of thousands of clients every year.  

ExpeditionTrips is the world’s leading specialist in expedition travel—your one-stop resource for expert advice, trip planning and outstanding service. Featured in publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, Coastal Living and Men’s Journal, and highlighted as "Top Travel Specialist for Small Ship Expeditions" by Condé Nast Traveler, and "The Antarctica Travel Planners" by Travel + Leisure.

What is Expedition Travel?
Swim with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, kayak alongside humpback whales in Alaska’s Inside Passage, hike over pristine glaciers in remote Arctic Svalbard, or navigate by Zodiac around turquoise blue ice sculptures in Antarctica…

Like stepping through the cover of a copy of National Geographic Magazine, expedition travel is all about experience and participation—connect with nature, discover new cultures, and along the way learn to better understand our planet. Each trip is accompanied by expert naturalists, lecturers, and guides who interpret and share their passions and intimate knowledge about each unique destination. Itineraries are flexible and vary according to weather conditions and the wildlife encountered; however, rest assured, there is always time to stop when nature puts on a show. 

ExpeditionTrips grew out of a longtime passion for discovering the natural world and exploring some of the most remote and awe-inspiring places on Earth. ExpeditionTrips founder, Ashton Palmer, traveled for over a decade as expedition leader, naturalist, and operations staff. His adventures took him around the globe, including on over fifty voyages to Antarctica, more than 40,000 miles navigated on the Amazon River, and countless expeditions worldwide to the Galapagos Islands, Papua New Guinea, Baffin Island and beyond.

After years of leading trips, Ashton decided to use his in-depth experience and knowledge to help introduce likeminded travelers to the incredible destinations he had grown to love so much. ExpeditionTrips was founded with a clear vision: to be the best place to find, research, and book expedition travel worldwide, be it a motor yacht exploring the Galapagos Islands, a rainforest lodge adventure in Peru’s Amazon rainforest, or the ultimate expedition to Antarctica. Today, our dynamic team of expedition travel advisors use their in-depth personal knowledge together with the highest level of personal service to ensure our clients experience the most memorable trips of a lifetime.