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Frequently Asked Questions

About ExpeditionTrips

What is ExpeditionTrips?

We are the world’s leading advisors in expedition style travel – your one-stop resource for expert advice, trip planning, and outstanding service. Since 1999, we have been helping our clients plan the most incredible journeys worldwide and look forward to helping you plan the trip of a lifetime!

What is expedition-style travel?

Swim with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, kayak alongside humpback whales in Alaska’s Inside Passage, hike over pristine glaciers in remote Arctic Svalbard, or navigate by Zodiac around turquoise blue ice sculptures in Antarctica...

Like stepping through the cover of a National Geographic Magazine, expedition travel is all about experience and participation—connect with nature, discover new cultures, and along the way learn to better understand our planet. Each trip is accompanied by expert naturalists, lecturers, and guides who interpret and share their passions and intimate knowledge about each unique destination. Itineraries are flexible and vary according to weather conditions and the wildlife encountered.

Why should I book my trip with ExpeditionTrips?

Our travel experts will help you determine which trip is right for you based on your interests and needs. This is in contrast to what you will hear from individual companies who will always tell you their trip is the best and right for you.  Also our longstanding partnerships with the highest quality tour operators ensure our clients receive the very best service and peace of mind in the event of trip changes. Our partners give our clients preferential treatment since they value the volume of business we provide and established relationship. For more reasons see our Top Reasons to Book with ExpeditionTrips.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment options vary by trip, please refer to ‘Payment and Cancellation’ link located on each Trip Details page.

Which elements of my trip can you help me with?

We can assist you with all aspects of your trip planning. Helping you select the program that is right for you, air travel, transfers and hotels, travel insurance, gear recommendations etc. Our goal is to take the work out of planning your trip so you can focus on being excited, and learning how to use your new camera of course!

How do I contact you?

We can be reached by phone at 877 412-8527 (toll free within the USA and Canada) or +206 547-0700, or by email at info@expeditiontrips.com.  We encourage you to contact us via phone as it is often easier after a few minutes to determine your trip interests and needs. Our office is based in Seattle, WA (USA) and is open Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, Pacific Time. For a directory of our staff and their contact details, please visit our Contact Page.

What can I do to help you ensure I choose the right trip?

Please tell us as much as you can about your travel preferences, aspirations and dreams.  By sharing your interests and needs we can more easily help you select the perfect trip.

Can ExpeditionTrips save me money?

YES! ExpeditionTrips receives exclusive offers that are only available to our members. These offers regularly include trips discounted up to 50% off the ticket price to such destinations as Antarctica, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands. Members receive e-mail notification of these offers as they are released.

What do I get if I join ExpeditionTrips?

Registered members of ExpeditionTrips automatically receive the following benefits:

  • E-mail notification of Just-Released Offers
  • Access to the members-only Just-Released Offers page of the website
  • A personal My Trips folder
Do I have to pay to join ExpeditionTrips?

No. Membership is free for travelers.

How do I become a member of ExpeditionTrips?

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of our website. Fill out the membership form and let us know where you are interested in traveling. We will send you notices via e-mail when Just Released Offers become available.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Click on 'Log In' at the top of our website. Underneath the fields for password and user name, click on the 'Forgot Your Password?' link. Enter your e-mail address in the field provided and our server will automatically send a link to reset your password.

What is ExpeditionTrips’ privacy policy?

ExpeditionTrips does not sell or give your personal information to anyone. Period.

Can children travel on your trips?

Yes. Many of the ships and trips are perfect for children. Some companies even plan special family departures, so be sure to look for these when planning your trip. Contact us for more information.