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Compare Trip Price From Start End Days Ship Cap. Land/Sea
Antarctic Peninsula$5,29928 Nov 1408 Dec 1411Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$6,49901 Jan 1511 Jan 1511Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$6,49929 Jan 1508 Feb 1511Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$5,29903 Mar 1513 Mar 1511Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$4,99912 Mar 1522 Mar 1511Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$5,499 Offer29 Nov 1509 Dec 1511Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$6,999 Offer01 Jan 1611 Jan 1611Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$6,999 Offer29 Jan 1608 Feb 1611Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$5,499 Offer02 Mar 1612 Mar 1611Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula$5,099 Offer11 Mar 1621 Mar 1611Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula – In Depth$5,59906 Nov 1418 Nov 1413Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula – In Depth$5,59917 Nov 1429 Nov 1413Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula – In Depth$6,299 Offer18 Nov 1530 Nov 1513Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula – In Depth$7,299 Offer08 Dec 1520 Dec 1513Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea$8,49907 Dec 1421 Dec 1415Expedition132Expedition Ship
Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea$9,79919 Dec 1502 Jan 1615Expedition132Expedition Ship